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How It Works:

What we promise:

  • We will send you 2 items/month from our online store, as long as the last months requirements were met
  • Give you exclusive discounts
  • Share your photos, giving you credit on Instagram and Facebook
  • Invite you to exclusive LiamVIP events
  • Help support you and your brand through promotions/giveaways/collaborations
  • Open communication at all times

What you promise:

  • Post your #liamandco outfits no less than 3 times a month in your instagram feed
  • Post 5 instagram stories a month about Liam & Co. (sharing code, outfits, positive and honest thoughts about company)
  • Send us high-quality photos in your #liamandco outfit upon email request for us to use on social media
  • Use #liamandco & #liamcolove on every post about us


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