1 Top - 3 Outfits

1 Top - 3 Easy Outfits 

-Featuring our Sela Layering Turtleneck-

Finding a perfect layering piece can sometimes be a little difficult. We have found the perfect piece that is flattering for all body types and can elevate any outfit! You can switch it up and wear this versatile piece many different ways to create multiple outfits. 

Cool And Casual #1: 

Layer the Sela with a biker jacket for an effortlessly cool look. We paired it with our Trendy Biker Jacket and we are obsessed! So easy to just throw on, but it is definitely a statement piece you can wear with anything. These two pieces together are a dream! 

On-The-Go #2: 

Kimonos are great over pieces for someone on the go. They are so light and versatile, and can add personality to an outfit. We have the Sela and Floral Kimono paired together for this look, it's so fun and fresh. We obviously love a good layered outfit as you can tell! 

Night Out #3: 

This is such a stylish look for a night out on the town or special event. Adding a patterned bottom completely transforms the simple staple piece. We started out with the Sela Layering Turtleneck, then added our Elizabeth Velvet Midi Skirt and some heels. As you can see, you can layer basics with any type of outfit. It is so beneficial to your wardrobe when you can find something that fits into every outfit and your day to day looks! 

Thank you for reading along! Hopefully this post is able to inspire you to create outfits that make you feel your best!!