It’s often said that necessity is the mother of all invention. Liam’s Loft is a testament to that statement. Through countless days and nights of introspection, Devyn finally realized that she had some pinch points in her daily activities. Caring for 4 kids required cleaning up messes, preparing meals, meeting with gymnastic coaches and buying a new home. In searching for clothing that could simultaneously be versatile enough to play chef and professional enough to go in public and feel good about herself, she could find nothing that met the standard. In that moment, Liam’s Loft was born.

Liam’s Loft is named after her second son, who in a similar fashion, experienced some difficulties coming into this world. Liam’s Loft is today strong in its resolve to provide durable, versatile and above all, high-quality fashion for not only moms, but women all across the United States. Liam’s Loft recently rebranded to Liam & Company.

With a strong background in retail clothing, Devyn was a natural fit for starting a clothing company. But just like any family, it is hard to do all alone. Devyn has the support of her amazing sister Landon and friend Ryan. Landon has over 8 years management experience in a billion dollar national retail clothing brand. She is now on board with Liam & Company full time and is the tornado behind the scenes of the business curating, buying and otherwise dominating.

Liam & Company's technical and operational strength leans on Co-founder Ryan Wilson to help with growth and online presence. Ryan is a serial entrepreneur having built several online companies. He has a deep passion for growing businesses and making the business – consumer experience better through technology and constant improvement.

We are very excited to have assembled such a passionate and hardworking team to provide you with the best products we can put together. We take great pride in providing you with the best clothes and customer experience.