10 Minimalist Fashion Tips: Spring Edition

We're back with a seasonal update of our minimalist style tips!
We want you to feel confident in recreating this look at home, so today we're sharing our tips and tricks, just in time for the warm spring weather.
1. Keep It Simple. - A minimalist look says a lot with very little. Each piece can stand alone with confidence. Keep things simple and clean. Look for items that are interesting on their own with flattering fits you feel comfortable in all by themselves.
2. Have Fun With Texture. - This style is about simplicity, but not boredom. Break up the neutral colors with types of fabrics and textures. Get creative with ribbed, knitted, pleated or silky (as a few options).
3. Muted Colors are Key - Add Color Where It Counts. - The mix of neutral colors are what help keep this look timeless. Keep the majority of the pieces in earthy tones with lots of black and white. For spring, we are seeing very intentional pops of color to add some interest. Keep it intentional. 
4. Master The Art of Contrast.  Make a real statement by alternating black and white for a signature look of The Minimalist. Using contrast instead of color to draw the eye. Black and white are timeless and seasonless.
5. Wear Oversized Fits. - Oversized pieces are extremely comfortable and give the illusion of wearing more. Think of the classic look of a soft oversized white tee and worn jeans. We are seeing this translate to jumpers, jeans, tees and more this spring. Mix it up and play with proportion.
6. Comfort Above All Else. - A recognizable feature of this style is how effortless it looks. That's because it is. Nothing uncomfortable or too fussy. Chic, comfy, cute.
7. Trying Monochromatic Outfits. - Choosing one single color or hue to base an outfit on is a great place to begin. Add accent pieces in other tones or colors, but one color dominating an outfit makes a real statement. 
8. Play With Silhouettes. - Find materials and cuts that truly accent your body and best features. The cut and fit of an outfit says as much as the color or print. This spring look for fun jumpers, dresses and structured pieces to add to your wardrobe. 
9. Don't Complicate It. - Go with your gut instinct. When you first choose as outfit, stick with it. Don't fuss too much or add things after the fact. Trust yourself and your innate style.
10. Now Add Your Own Style! - This is the fun part! Implement these tips while staying true to your style and you'll find a look that is unique to only you. Be confident and wear it with pride! There is only one you!
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