10 Ways to Style a Plain White Tee

10 Ways to Style a Plain White Tee

One of the most basic and inexpensive pieces of apparel in your wardrobe will likely be the plain white tee. Simply put, a plain white t-shirt is the staple in your closet. You can never go wrong with a simple white tee as it is easy to incorporate into your daily outfits as well as special occasions. A white tee is highly versatile and can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. Even nowadays, white tees are still going strong in the fashion industry and are likely here to stay! 

Naturally, there are a million ways to style a plain white tee. However we've got some of the chic and classic ways to style your white tee and look put together. 

From minimalist wardrobe ideas for each day of the week to surprising and creative ways to decorate a simple white shirt for weekend fun, this list is guaranteed to inspire you. There are so many attractive options! Read on to plan a fire outfit!

Look 1: White t-shirt and denim jeans

I'm not sure whether there's a more timeless mix than this one, but it is for good reason. Something about the combination of denim and the softness of a white t-shirt is classic across time. It's so simple and casual that you can wear it with almost any pants in your wardrobe. We like it when the t-shirt is somewhat tucked in since it gives the outfit a more relaxed look. Don't forget to add a pop of color to this look, possibly red or a pattern! Because a white tee shirt outfit is technically neutral clothing, you may choose whatever colors or designs you like. A relaxed, oversized cardigan would be a nice addition to this look. The choice of footwear that can be paired with this look is endless, you could finish it off with either sneakers, sandals, or flats.

White Tee And Jeans - Liam And Co.

Look 2: White t-shirt, leather jacket, denim shorts, boots

A leather jacket is a classic look that saw its rise in the ‘50s. Hollywood films were filled with slick leather jackets. Leather jackets stayed popular through the rest of the century with musicians from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Unleash your inner rockstar or cool kid vibe by pairing a white t-shirt with a leather jacket and denim shorts. Finish with a pair of ankle boots for a more elevated look, and you’re good to go! This look gives edgy, alternative, grunge vibes to your outfit reminiscent of the likes of Kurt Cobain. This simple outfit is sure to turn heads as soon as you step into the room! 

White t-shirt, leather jacket, denim shorts - Liam and Co.

Look 3: White t-shirt and midi dress

For this look, adding a white t-shirt underneath a midi dress gives a bit more coverage to the plunging neckline. A white tee here can do wonders to soften the look if showing cleavage isn’t your thing. This look can also be a perfect outfit for work. However, this outfit also works for a casual brunch date parent-teacher conference! Perfect for summer or spring! This midi dress outfit has a lot of versatility. We've seen it worn for a date night look or any formal dinner as well. 

White t-shirt and midi dress - Liam and Co.

Look 4: White t-shirt, black lingerie top, and patterned kimono

This look is inspired by Kendall Jenner. She has been caught wearing a black lingerie top over a white shirt. Then a patterned kimono on top and rocking denim jeans on the bottom. This shows how she transformed a plain white tee into something completely new. Props to Kendall for serving us this look, she did not disappoint! The elements of the black lingerie top, patterned kimono, black ankle boots, and the round black glasses fit perfectly with the plain white tee. This look is full of major alternative grunge vibes, and we are here for it!

White t-shirt, black lingerie top, and patterned kimono - Liam and Co.

Look 5: White t-shirt, Tie-Dye Skirt, Black Crossbody, Black Heels  

This is a simple 1-2-3 look. You can achieve this look by 1. pairing a white tee with a tie-dye skirt, then 2. accessorizing with a black crossbody bag, and 3. black high-heels. This is a very exotic look that will have people commenting that you look great, but can't put their finger on just why they feel that way. The flare of the tie-dye skirt allows you a little open peek on your feet so that you can show off your magnificent black heels. The black crossbody adds extra flair to the look to tie everything together. With so many tie-dye skirt options, this look can easily be custom-tailored to you. 

White t-shirt, Tie-Dye Skirt - Liam and Co.

Look 6: white t-shirt and contrasting colors

Blending a white tee with contrasting colors is guaranteed to turn heads. We love combining a white tee shirt with striped capri pants and finishing it off with red stilettos. The red stilettos offer a touch of elegance and refinement, while the white t-shirt adds a touch of casualness. This look is at home with capri pants with black and white stripes. The color combination of white, black, and red is arguably the most traditional in fashion. It is dependable for when you need something basic yet attractive!

white tee shirt with striped capri pants - Liam and Co.

Look 7: White t-shirt and blazer

Have you noticed how the classic looks are always the most simple? Be the boss lady that you are while sporting a white t-shirt and blazer. This combo is indeed a match made in heaven! The best part about this outfit is that there is no limit to blazer color options. Bright neons, pastel tones, deep dark shades, you name it! This is something that you can dress up or dress down depending on the occasion.

White t-shirt and blazer - Liam and Co.

Look 8: White t-shirt and high waisted skirt

Going for a high-waisted style is a simple approach to achieve a smooth and sexy contour. This white tee shirt outfit accentuates the waist and provides a more structured appearance. This paring offers a beautiful flow without drawing attention to itself. In addition, you may choose between knee-length or midi-length skirts. Just keep the t-shirt loosely tucked in! Finally, choose a skirt with a stylish design or a pleasing hue. You may also select a t-shirt made of statement material (think fun texture or flowy)!

White t-shirt and high waisted skirt - Liam and Co.

Look 9: White t-shirt and cigarette pants

Cigarette pants are one of the most fabulous wardrobe essentials. They're easy to style and offer a stylish touch with little effort. Though cigarette pants might appear rather sophisticated, this is another case where a white tee can smooth out those hard lines. Tuck it in loosely, and you've got a fantastic outfit to match with a variety of styles. This look is equally great with a blazer or a (faux) leather jacket.

White t-shirt and cigarette pants - Liam and Co.

Look 10: White t-shirt, joggers and sneakers

Arguably the most popular outfit of 2020! And no wonder. It easily gets an A+ for versatility. Rock this outfit for a super casual look that is accepted anywhere you can swipe your Visa. Just pop on a white tee with joggers and sneakers and you're effortlessly cool (and extremely comfortable!). Try tucking your shirt in your joggers or tie it up to reveal your midriff and get a sexy look. This makes a great workout outfit as well!

White t-shirt, joggers and sneakers


If 10 amazing options weren't enough, it's only the tip of the iceberg. White tee shirt outfits can be worn in a multitude of ways, no matter your style. Dressed up or down, classy or casual, edgy or timeless.  

A significant portion of the looks above is paired with denim. That's because denim is just as much a staple as white tee's to make an outfit that touches on the pillars of fashion: comfortable, timeless, and effortless. You can pair a white tee shirt with shorts to get a killer casual look or get exotic by mixing a white tee with a tie-dye skirt and heels.

White tee outfits are here to stay. No matter your sense of style, the clothes in your closet, you are armed with tools to express yourself and know that you will look and feel great.