3 Bohemian Fall Outfit Ideas for the Free-Spirited Girls

The term bohemian has roots going as far back as the 19th century. However, nowadays it is used to define a style that is artistically laid back and free-spirited — expressed in fluid fabrics and feminine silhouettes. Boho clothes were originally created to be counter-cultural, often homemade or altered store-bought items to celebrate being different. Modern boho styles sold in stores are designed to emulate the trend with less work involved for the buyer. 

Fall is the perfect time to embrace that bohemian style with flowy clothes, fall patterns, and comfortable layers. Enjoy trendy style without compromising ease of movement as you savor the season and all its activities. Here are a few outfits to inspire your boho style this fall. 


A complimenting fall layer, kimonos, and other wraps are the perfect flowy boho touch to an outfit. Fall layers —draped over the shirt of your choice— create an elegant silhouette while warding off the chill air. You can belt the waist to get a more defined shape, or leave it free, whichever style suits you best. 

Pairing a kimono or wrap over highrise, cuffed jeans creates a hint of vintage to compliment the free flow of the drape. Choosing a style that isn’t too tight allows for comfort during all your seasonal adventures. Finish off the look with darker-colored ankle booties or mules. These shoes flatter the taper of your ankle and are perfect for the cooling weather.  

Midi Dress

An essential staple of fall wardrobes, midi dresses make a great bohemian outfit. It's easy to feel a spark of wild freedom with the lightweight fabric swirling around your legs with every step. A dress with loose, long sleeves like the Addison Button Front Midi Dress keeps the look light and flowy without exposing your arms to the chilly air. Leave it hanging free or accentuate the waist with a belt to create definition. 

Dress up the look for date night with a pair of comfortable wedges or mules. The best thing about dresses is that they aren’t limited to only formal or semi-formal events. A midi dress can be worn no matter what you are doing that day. Why not feel gorgeous while grocery shopping? Flats or tennis shoes make a day running errands comfortable and add a cute touch to the outfit. 

Tunic and Cardigan

As the season changes and the cooler weather creeps in, the call of comfy layers and cups of cocoa becomes irresistible. Loose layers of soft fabric create a trendy boho style that is as cozy as it is cute. A cardigan over leggings and a tunic in contrasting colors make a striking image. Also, layering dark over light is flatteringly slimming. An outfit that makes you feel good is always great to have in your closet when you need an extra boost of confidence. 

Accessorize with a brightly colored scarf to keep you warm. Scarves make wonderful additions to an outfit because there are so many variations, so you can always find one that fits your style. Linen, big and chunky, infinity, or wool —whatever type of scarf you like— will look good with a layered style. Finish with your favorite fall boots and you are set for a day in the pumpkin patch or a night out. 

Indulge your free-spirited boho style this fall without breaking the bank. Liam & Co strives to provide trendy, seasonal clothing that lasts and is more budget-friendly. Visit our website to find more gorgeous fall finds like the button down midi dress and the rest of our fall collection