3 Styling Tips to Keep You Cool During The Hot Summer Days

woman wearing summer dress

Summer is here, and it is hot! The second you step outside, the blast of hot air hits you and it doesn’t get better when you get in your car. You’re melting before you even hit your destination. It may even have you thinking, “what’s the point in looking good when I’m a mess before I arrive?”  

Staying cool and fashionable seems like a dream in this heat. Finding cute summer outfits can be difficult, especially if you're melting. It is important to take care of yourself and think ahead when stepping outdoors during the summer. Keep sunscreen in your car and an extra antiperspirant to avoid nasty burns and pit stains. It also helps to choose the right clothes. Just because it looks like a summer outfit, doesn’t mean it is. 

Here are 3 summer style tips to keep you cool under the weight of the glaring sun.   

Go Loose

Heavy fabric traps heat and limits air flow leaving you extra sweaty and overheating. You want the sweat to evaporate, but it can’t do that when it’s trapped. Shorts and anything skintight is the opposite of what you want. It’s no wonder we never feel relief during the summer. 

Summer outfits should be loose fitting and breathable. The best and most stylish choices during the summer are maxi dresses or skirts and loose fitting cami tops. They are fashionable, fun, and help keep you dry. You also want to find outfits that have embroidery and/or seam to keep the fabric from sticking to you if you sweat. Minimal fabric is your answer to a more comfortable summer. 

Keep Cool with Cotton, Linen, and Jersey

Choosing the right fabric for your summer clothes is a must. Polyester, nylon, and silk look fantastic, however, they are not breathable. If you wear clothing made of this material during the summer, you may feel like you are melting. They also retain body odor, so no matter how much deodorant you use you will not smell pretty by the end of the day. Rayon and wool are also a big no-no. 

So what fabric will help keep you cool, dry, and smelling fresh? Cotton, linen, and jersey are the best fabrics to help you keep your cool. They are all breathable, soft, and easy to find. Most clothes are made with these fabrics and they are highly versatile. They also absorb sweat and dry faster. Next time you go shopping for summer clothes, be sure to check the clothing tags and pick out the fabric that will keep you comfortable as you go about your day.

Choose the Light

Black or jewel toned clothing absorbs light, this raises your body temperature and causes you to sweat more. If you choose to wear darker colors for the slimming factor, be sure to choose breathable fabric and keep it loose. 

Light colors, on the other hand, reflect light and will help to keep you cool during the hottest part of summer. Pastels, beige, white, and greys are all great choices. Don’t forget to check your white fabrics to make sure they aren’t see through before you purchase. Take the chance and try a light colored skirt or flowy shirt. You won’t regret it, especially at that outdoor summer party in the backyard with no shade.    

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