4 Tips to Look Stylish Without Compromising Comfort

We all want to look cute and trendy all the time! However, we also have to wear these outfits all day, every day, so comfortable clothes are a must. The phrase “Beauty is Pain” is a dirty lie. You don’t have to wear toe-pinching shoes or super tight clothes all the time to look stylish. Especially with fall in full swing. Sweaters, pumpkin spice, and pumpkin patches are everywhere and you can be comfortable all season and still be cute.

Fortunately for us, oversized is in and skin-tight jeans are on their way out. But there is a fine line between a fall layered look and looking like you just threw on your whole closet. So how do you look stylish and keep comfortable? We’ve put together a few tips to help you embrace the season while staying cute and cozy. 

Neutral Color Palette

A desire to look trendy can lead us to pick bright colors and flashy patterns but that makes matching an outfit in the morning much more difficult. If most of your base items are in a neutral color palette, it is easier to pair or layer them together without worrying about not matching. It widens your outfit choices since you can vary what you put together. 

Neutral doesn’t have to mean boring. For example, this Emerson Balloon Sleeve Knit Cardigan is available in neutral, easy-to-match colors, while the balloon sleeves create an elegant silhouette. A knitted cardigan is a great layer to keep in your fall wardrobe — both for comfort and style. 

Loose and Flowy

Stylish clothes don’t have to be adorned with buckles, buttons, or any other embellishing details that tend to make outfits uncomfortable. Soft, oversized sweaters are the clothing article of the season and they look cute with just about anything. Loose, flowing items tend to flatter any body shape and are easy to move in. These comfy clothes accommodate all lifestyles. Oversized clothes are ideal for looking stylish and planned out even as you stay cozy and at ease.

Kimonos, wraps, cardigans, and loose sweaters layer together well over all types of clothing items. Pair them with jeans, leggings, skirts, and even dresses to create a look that will make you feel divine. 

The Shoe Makes the Outfit

No matter what outfit you are wearing, if your shoes are worn and beat up looking, it will bring down the level of your style. A nice pair of shoes pulls a neutral, well-layered outfit together — making it look intentionally stylish. The best part about this styling hack: you are the only one who knows how easy it was to throw on. 

Nice shoes don’t have to be high heels or anything else uncomfortable. Flats or wide-heeled boots both look and feel great on your feet. Mules slide on, but give an air of elegance, while slip-on ankle boots are an easy fall favorite. No matter what type of shoe you choose, nice looking but comfortable is always the way to go.  

Keep It Simple

Comfortable clothes don’t have to be boring. Pick what makes you feel good and pack your closet with things that can mix and match; this way, styling an outfit in the morning will be a breeze. This goes for accessories as well. Too many accessories can catch on clothes or furniture as you work and move about everyday life. A simple statement piece can look stunning without getting in the way. 

If you really love color but want to avoid fight-matching your bright clothes into an outfit, invest in bright scarves or bracelets to adorn your outfit. The neutral colors will allow you to accessorize as you please, making every outfit uniquely you. 

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