5 Must-Haves For Every Woman's Closet

1. A White Dress Shirt

white dress shirt, women's clothing, fashion, business casual

If you will be going to interviews, working, or just wanting to look polished, a white dress shirt should be your new go-to. This lightweight button up is perfect for dressing up and down.

women's shirt, white dress shirt, button up


2. A Cardigan

cardigan, women's clothing, women's cardigan, essential

From popcorn knits, to heavy wool, and even cashmere, there's a cardigan that will perfectly fit your needs to matter the occasion. We love them because they are so easy to pair with any look, and be styled any way you want!


3. A Versatile Jumper

women's jumper, women's clothing, what to wear

Need a look that can both be dressed up or down? You can never go wrong with a jumper. You may know by now, but here at Liam & Co. we are obsessed with these one-and-done looks.

women's clothing, jumper, what to wear


4. A Simple Tank Top

women's clothing, tank top, women's tank top, what to wear

A basic tank top goes a long way, being a fantastic layering piece, lounging around, or using as a base piece to dress statement pieces down. Go with one you feel comfortable in for all without breaking the bank!

what to wear, women's fashion, tank top


5. Comfy Skinny Jeans

skinny jeans, button up skinny jeans, women's jeans, stylish female jeans

Last but not least, skinny jeans are here to stay because they go with everything. Most important is to go with a comfortable fit, which is why we love our high waisted skinnies.

female jeans, stylish jeans, what to wear
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