5 Reasons Why a Midi-Dress Is a Must-Have for Fall

Midi dresses are named for their length. Traditionally, they fall somewhere below the knee and above the anklea “mid-calf” length. Hemlines started their journey up the leg during the roaring ’20s, making the midi dress a wardrobe staple ever since. 

These dresses come in all shapes and styles and can be used in any season. There is a midi dress for every body type and all women should have at least one tucked away in their closet. If you aren’t quite convinced that you need one, here is a list of five reasons why the midi dress is a must-have fashion piece for fall.

Pairs Well with a Variety of Items

Versatile is the buzzword of functional fashion. An item that can be paired with multiple outfits is well worth the investment. Midi dresses are perfect for pairing with several items in your wardrobe. Accentuate your waist with a belt, or let it fly loose and breezy. Jean jackets, cardigans, oversized sweaters, you name it, and it can be worn with a midi dress. A little chilly and you want to wear leggings? Perfect. Ankle boots, mules, and sandals are all shoes that will compliment the dress. In short, make it your own this fall.

Can be Both Dressy and Casual

Perfect for any occasion, midi dresses can be dressed up for a date, comfy casual for a day out, or even worn to a wedding. A nice pair of heels and complimenting jewelry can elevate the look for more formal occasions. Slip on a jean jacket and your favorite tennis shoes to give your dress a more casual feel for daytime adventures. A midi dress is perfect for both work and a good time out with friends. 

Easy Breezy Style

The simplicity of a midi dress is a draw for those who don’t want to spend forever deciding what to wear. A long-sleeve midi dress is a look all on its own and doesn’t need the boost of accessories or layers to help it seem finished. It’s perfect for packing minimally on vacation and can be worn on the beach or out to dinner. Some dresses, like the Savannah Tiered Midi Dress, are the perfect balance between casual and formal without the help of added pieces. 

Designed for Walking

The big problem with ankle and floor-length dresses is how hard they are to walk in. Tripping is a real possibility and navigating the hem can easily become awkward. Midi dresses are designed to not interfere with walking. They are long enough to not ride up your legs if you are traveling quite a ways, but not so long as to trip you up. Wear your favorite fall midi dress with ease to this season’s festivals and craft fairs. You can stroll around with the knowledge that you look gorgeous without having to fight with your outfit. 

Fashion Meets Comfort 

Midi dresses are the perfect combination of look good and feel good. They aren’t usually skin-tight while still flattering your figure. The soft fabric doesn’t pinch or squeeze, leaving you feeling uncomfortable throughout the day. Instead, you can focus on enjoying your day in the comfort of your clothes. Fashion does not have to come with the price of pain and irritation. Feel good in your skin and your clothes as you conquer your day with the confidence that you look great. 

Hopefully, you have been inspired to add a midi dress to your seasonal wardrobe. Liam & Co makes it a priority to provide comfortable fashion for each season without breaking the bank. To take a closer look at our beautiful fall midi dresses and the new fall collection, visit our website today.