6 Common Fashion Mistakes to Avoid

6 Common Fashion Mistakes to Avoid

We all know that looking good (and knowing it) is one of the best ways to boost confidence and start your day off right. But having a good sense of fashion is more than knowing what patterns and colors compliment each other and what footwear/accessories will tie it all together—intention, knowing your body, and even organization all play a big role in making the most of your style game. Whether is bad shopping habits, or a poor relationship with your closet, here are six common fashion mistakes to avoid.


1. Loving the Price More Than the Product

Who doesn’t love a great deal? There’s nothing wrong with being a savvy shopper, but when you end up bringing home a Santa Claus size bag full of clothing that you “saved” a fortune on, but you’ll never wear, that’s a problem.

It’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy of a sale, but try to ask yourself a few key questions before taking your haul up to the check-out counter or clicking the “proceed to checkout” button.

  • What occasion would I wear this at?
  • If this was full price, would I still consider buying it?
  • Can I afford this?
  • Do I have anything too similar to this at home already?

After taking a moment to reflect on these questions, if you decide to go ahead with the purchase, you can have much more confidence in your choice, and be extra excited about the new clothing that’s about to find a home in your closet.

Elisa Cuffed Sleeve Tunic

2. Purchasing Clothes that Don’t Fit Your Current Shape

Whether it’s a problem of buying clothes based on that smaller size you are hoping to be by the end of summer, or trying to hide your shape with outfits that are too baggy, buying clothes that don’t fit the body you currently have is never a good idea.

Purchasing clothes that are too small leads to an uncomfortable day of trying to keep everything in place and enduring limited mobility due to constricting apparel.

Wearing clothing that is too large may be what you feel the most comfortable in, but it can actually work against you by accentuating the areas you are working so hard to hide. Not that you have to wear skin-tight dresses in order to embrace the body that you have. There are a lot of really cute, flowy cuts in style that you can feel comfortable in without buying two sizes up.

Lila Cuffed Sleeve Tunic

3. Repetition Due to Disorganization

Between season changes and shopping trips, it’s not hard for your closet or dresser to go from a place of tranquility to an area of your bedroom you avoid at all costs. But the cost of disorganization can be pretty high in the fashion department. Not only are you more likely to just repeat the same looks over and over again, but you don’t make good use of the clothes you already have—often leading to spending money on similar styles to what might already be hiding in the nethermost corner of your closet.

By finding the time to rotate your in-season clothing with your off-season styles, you can free up a lot of valuable space, and have better access to each of your favorite pieces. Also, by hanging clothes on sturdy, thin hangers, you can make sure that there’s enough room for all your outfits to live in harmony with one another.

Essential V-Neck

4. An Unhealthy Attachment

Similar to the disorganization problem is the issue of “unhealthy attachment.” Often times, we allow clothing to take up space in our dresser or closet because, for whatever reason, we can’t seem to let it go—even if we haven’t worn it in months (or even years). Maybe it was a gift from your mom, and you feel bad donating it, but you also can't bring yourself to wear it. Or maybe it’s a pair of jeans that you’re sure you will fit into it again someday, but have been haunting the recesses of your closet for the past three years.

As hard as it is, sometimes you just have to kick those clothes out. If they’re in good shape, you can donate them, or give them to someone in your neighborhood who could use them. Families of school-aged children are often really grateful to save some money by receiving secondhand clothing for their growing tweens and teens. And it might help you let go as well, knowing that someone is going to enjoy the clothing you haven’t been able to work into your rotation for a while now.

And, of course, freeing up space in this way leaves more room for when you do come across a piece that you truly love!

Liz Peplum Tunic

5. Waiting Until the Last-Minute

We’ve all been there: you know you need to get a dress for a wedding just around the corner, some new tops for a vacation, or a blazer for some upcoming job interviews, but you wait until the last possible minute to actually go shopping. This might cause you to head out the door in a state of desperation—spending more money than you might have otherwise on clothing that may or may not have been your first pick had you had the luxury or taking your time. Or maybe you end up buying something online and having to pay an arm and a leg for expedited shipping just to get it to you in time.

Sometimes last-minute shopping can’t be avoided; but, in most cases, a little planning can go a long way. When you know you have an event coming up, if you don’t have time to shop right then, set a reminder in your phone for a couple weeks out. Then you can plan what stores you want to go to, or give yourself plenty of time to read the style/sizing details about your online favorites and have them shipped to you in plenty of time.

Short Sleeve Maxi w/Pockets 
Short Sleeve Maxi w/Pockets

6. Limiting Your Color Range

You have your favorite colors, we all do; but, when you look at your clothing collection and see nothing but solid greys and blues, it might be time to mix things up. Trying out a bold print or simply venturing out by wearing a color you wouldn’t normally be drawn to wear is an easy but effective way to amp up your fashion game and make those around you take notice. You might be surprised at how many compliments you get the first day you wear that fun, yellow sweater.

Allison Luxe Sweater
Allison Luxe Sweater

Now that you know what fashion pitfalls to avoid, it’s time to freshen up your wardrobe! Check out some of our Liam & Co. Best Sellers—sure to give you that confidence boost you’re looking for.