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A Healthy Lifestyle 

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1. A Diet To Try

Intermittent Fasting. 

Is this just another "fad diet" or does this actually work? 

Here's what we know: 

Intermittent fasting is more of a long-term weight loss. It's a simple concept, which makes it super easy to follow. The idea is you're intaking less calories in a day (only eating 2 meals) which helps with weight loss. More in this article HERE or HERE

We even created a fasting schedule for your daily routine: 


2. Full Body Workout At-Home 

With everything that has been going on with Covid-19 it's certainly made getting out to the gym a little tricky. Even with most parts of the US opening up, some states haven't quite yet opened gyms and a lot of us are still nervous to go to the gym. No problem! At home workouts can be just has impactful when done right. Use this guide to help you crush your at home work out! 


3. Protein Bites

We LOVE this recipe in our house and that is saying a lot to get the littles to eat these tasty healthy snacks. 


INGREDIENTS- Yields: 16-18 balls
2/3 cup creamy peanut butter
1 cup old-fashioned oats, plus extra for rolling
1½ Tbsp. honey
1/4 cup miniature chocolate chips, plus extra for rolling
1/4 cup flaxseeds (optional)

Mix all ingredients in a bowl until well-combined.

Cover with plastic wrap and chill in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.

Once done chilling, roll into approximately 1 inch balls. (Cover hands in a light layer of butter or oil to facilitate rolling and avoid getting sticky hands.)

Lay out a thin layer of oats and chocolate chips on a cutting board or work surface and roll the balls in the mixture. Finish off by rolling each ball between your hands to pack in the oats and chocolate chips.

Store in the refrigerator until ready to be eaten. Enjoy!