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Rise & Grind 

All Dimensions of Self Care

1. 8 Dimensions of Wellness 

  • Occupational 
  • Physical 
  • Intellectual 
  • Environmental 
  • Social 
  • Emotional 
  • Financial 
  • Spiritual

Treat your self-care like a wheel. If you are lacking in one area, your wheel is no longer complete and therefore will not roll smoothly down your path. Each dimension is equally important. What area are you struggling with? Focus on ways to balance your wheel.

Pro Tip: Don't try and tackle all areas all at once.  Pick one, set a goal and track it over time.  Trying to improve all areas at the same time will likely lead to none of them feeling like is making any noticeable change.  But if you choose finances for example, measure your daily spend over 1 month, makes changes where necessary.  Repeat every 6 months or so. Do this in each area and you'll be amazed at the incremental improvement in all areas over a year!


2. Challenge For the Week 

Schedule Media Consumption

  • Checking email constantly can be an all consuming, time waster. Give yourself three specific times a day you check your inbox. Try 9am, 12pm, and 3pm to not miss any important deadlines. 
  • Have you ever tallied up the time social media eats up? Try monitoring your time on all platforms. Set a timer whenever you hop on. Once it hits 1 hour, you are cut off for the day. If you have a limit, it might keep you from going down those internet wormholes. 
  • Are you still watching? Every time Netflix reminds me that I've been binging my favorite show I can't believe how much time I've been zoning out. Instead of watching your comfort show for the 50th time, try the search bar for something new to keep your attention. Limit it to only one or two episodes at a time!
  • The weather is finally nice in the evenings, so it's the perfect time to eat dinner outside on the patio, play some corn hole or take the family (and the family dog!) on an evening walk. Give the TV and phone some time off.
  • When is the last time you cleaned house on all your social media accounts? Instead of an eyeroll at your former co-workers 20th selfie of the day or being bombarded by stories you skip, give anything not positive, uplifting, or exciting the kick to the curb. Go through and do your brain a big favor, by deleting or unfollowing anything that no longer serves you. And don't feel guilty about it!
  • Treat your phone and TV just like your teenage kid and give them a curfew! It's easy to stay up way too late mindlessly scrolling. This also lets your body and mind start to unwind to prepare for sleep and gives those eyeballs a break. If your mind is racing, try reading a real, paper book or writing in a journal.  Try Matthew Walkers book Why We Sleep to start.  If he can't convince you on the importance of sleep (and putting down your phone), nobody can. 

3. Getting Outdoors

 Nature Based Solutions For Improving Mental Health

Explore your spiritual connections by appreciating nature. There is no better way than to disconnect from the digital world and explore your peaceful surroundings. Whether it's the mountains, a beach, or a desert oasis, they can all calm a chaotic mind.

It has been proven that stress, anxiety and depression can be controlled by spending even a small amount of time in nature daily. 

Grab a gal pal or your best furry friend and make sure to have a plan before leaving. Take plenty of water and healthy snacks. Always let someone know where you are and when you plan to be home. Our favorite way to know before you go, is to plan out a route on the All Trails App.

Get creative and explore new areas around you. Even if it's a stroll around your local nursery admiring the rainbow of plants and flowers or a drive up a canyon to see the season unfold. There is always undiscovered territory nearby.