Animal Print: 2020 Trend Forecast

2020 Trend Forecast

It's 2020 and time to kick off the New Year with our Liam & Co. trend forecasts.  We are going to share a new trend for 2020 every Friday for the month of January. So keep an eye out for our weekly updates or sign up for our weekly newsletter at the bottom of this page.

  1. Animal Print 

This week, it's getting WILD! 

Animal prints have long been a stylish staple in women's wardrobes, and once again, this trend is in full force for the season.  From cheetah print, leopard print, python print and cow print, nothing is out of bounds. 

We've are treating leopard print like a neutral, so here are a couple ways to wear it if you're weary of stepping too far out of our comfort zone! 



  • Accessories - adding animal print to your outfit adds a bit of class and subtle flair (it also often makes it look more expensive)

  • Go BOLD - Tip: there's no such things as too much leopard print!

  • Shop it - Click HERE to shop a curated, on-trend animal print collection for 2020.  


Stay tuned for Part 3 of our 2020 trends next Friday

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