Back to School Outfit Ideas to Wear this Fall

The end of summer is near, and we’re gearing up for back to school season! What are you wearing for the first day of school? 

If you’re on the hunt for some fall outfits, we are here for you. This post is full of fall outfit ideas that you can easily mix and match for back to school, sporting events, dates, weekend outings, and much more. 

Lightweight Sweater and Dark Denim 

From a full day of classes to evening outings and sporting events, denim and a cute sweater can be your go-to outfit all season long. 

The great thing about lightweight sweaters is that you can always add a jacket as an extra layer if you need to. Grab your go-to denim or leather jacket and you’re out the door! 

If your closet is in dire need of sweaters for the upcoming school year, check out our cute and affordable options here

Cropped Cardigan & Midi Skirt

Comfy, professional, and chic all in one outfit. We love this look paired with high-top Converse, but you could dress it up with wedges or a delicate sandal. 

This outfit screams confidence, and you’ll be walking around campus feeling great and ready to crush that upcoming math test. 

Plaid Blazer

Another versatile piece of clothing that can be dressed up or down, we are obsessed with the long blazer look this fall! 

It can be styled any way you want, with the vibe easily modified with leggings, denim, or trousers. You can dress it down with a V-neck or graphic tee, or class it up with a lace camisole or a button-up shirt. 

Whether you’ve got an important presentation on your schedule or you’re just in the mood to give off some boss babe vibes, blazers have you covered either way. 

Distressed and Oversized Denim 

The 90s called and it looks like these denim trends are here to stay! From oversized and distressed, flares, and the mom jean phenomenon, 90s jeans are being embraced by girls all over the globe, and we love to see it! 

Pair any of these denim looks with a simple neutral tee, cropped cardigan, or even a flannel shirt. If you’ve got platform sneakers, these will complete your 90s look to perfection. 

Athleisure Done Right

While some athleisure looks really shouldn’t leave the couch, we’re seeing tons of cute ways to rock workout clothing without looking like a slob or like you just left the gym. 

Whether you live in your workout leggings or just love the sleek look they give an outfit, wear them proudly! 2021 is the time to embrace what makes you confident and comfortable, and if that’s athleisure — rock it! 

The key to making athleisure look composed is adding layers. 

Whether you toss on your trusted leather jacket and a baseball cap or grab your favorite trench with a lightweight sweater, there are endless options for dressing up your favorite athleisure items. 


Of all the things that came from 2020, tie-dye was certainly not one we were expecting to leave the impact that it did!

Tie-dye remains very on-trend, so don’t be surprised to see it for many more seasons.

While you may associate tie-dye with loungewear and being cozy at home, there are so many ways you can turn up its chic-ness and create a cute, school-appropriate outfit. 

A simple long sleeve or crew-neck sweatshirt paired with jeans, shorts, or over a skirt or dress is an easy way to dress up your favorite tie-dye clothing. 

The new school year is such an exciting time, and the back-to-school outfits are our favorite part! 

We hope this post gives you some ideas on outfits you can create with items you already own or things you’re currently shopping for. 

If you need some inspiration for a fresh back-to-school style, check out Liam & Co for all our latest Fall arrivals that will have you feeling like the Queen of campus. Good luck this year!