Complete Your At-Home Look

A Messy Bun in 4 Easy Steps: 

 We're helping you complete your at-home look with this simple and easy messy bun tutorial.

Watch here: 



Step 1: 


Pull your hair back into a ponytail and secure. Don't work too hard to get all your baby hairs back, you'll want those for the messy look later! 


Step 2: 

Pull through half your hair to make a "half moon". Spread out to make it big - but don't pull too much through that you have a bunch of fly-aways! 


Step 3: 

Tuck in the back half - making a second "half moon". Spread this one out on the back as well - the bigger the better! 


Step 4: 

Pull out the hair in front to frame your face. 

And WAH-LAH, you're messy bun is finished!