Date Night Ideas

Date Night Ideas


We're here to help dress up your date night in - taking a regular and casual night at home from 0-💯! 

Here are a couple of our favorite ideas for At Home Date Night: 


1. Movie Night 

But not like like a regular movie night - a cool movie night! 

Try these ideas to make your movie date different: 

  • Outdoor Projector - take a white sheet out to the backyard and set up a projector! 
  • Drive-Inn Theater - fill the truck on your car (or bed of your truck) up with the coziest blankets and pillows. Add lights if your feeling decorative 
  • Build A Fort - take the night back to your childhood days when camping in a fort was the best entertainment! Bonus - you guys get to build it together. 

 2. Dinner Date











Sick of the same old routine? Dress it up a bit. Literally. 

Dressing up just to walk to the dining room can be a fun little change up. We know you have all those cute clothes sitting in your closet just waiting to be worn - so it's time to break them out with these dishes: 

  • Make your spouse's FAVORITE dinner - you can never go wrong with something he loves 
  • DoorDash - this is so underrated. You don't have to do a thing and BAM, food is ready on the table! 
  • Order PIZZA - let's be honest here. Pizza is a classic. Everybody loves pizza. Indulge in both of your favorites and add some candles to make it more romantic. 
  • Set up a S'more station - simple, easy, and very cozy for a night in. 


3. Game Night 

Keep your relationship FUN! 

Here are some of our top games to play with your significant other: 

  • Twister - this one is a lot harder than you remember it as a kid. There's something hilarious about getting all tangled up with something that used to be so easy! 
  • Jenga - you can even get creative with this one if you'd like. The newest trend that's sweeping over is Truth vs. Dare Jenga where you write on the blocks (or "truth" or "dare" stickers) and whichever one is pulled by the player has to be played! 
  • Couple Quiz - it's nice to sit back and remember the sentimental things about your love. We've built a template for you to quiz each other with.