DIY Chalk

DIY Chalk Paint

3 simple ingredients: 

If you're like us, you've probably had a hard time keeping the kids busy, and an even harder time finding sidewalk chalk these days! 

We decided to make our own, and it turned out so well we just knew we needed to share. 

This is so easy to make with the most simple and harmless ingredients: 

2 Cups Water 

2 Cups Cornstarch 

Food Coloring - miscellaneous colors 

Small Plastic Cups



  • Mix water and cornstarch until it is completely dissolved. It will be runny so beware! 
  • Divide your mixture evenly into your cups - your cups depend on how many different colors you want! 
  • Add in the food color to each cup and mix well. 
  • You're ready to paint! 

The paint is a little runny, but go ahead and paint like normal. It dries quickly and is fairly easy to work with. It is 100% safe and washes aways very easily leaving nothing behind. 

Such a fun outside activity with the kids and we love how vibrant the colors turned out!