Fall Fashion Trends

Autumn is finally here and, as usual, some interesting, sexy, beautiful and quirky fashion trends have come along with it. From the runways to the local department stores to your neighborhood streets, here are the trends we will see everywhere in the fall of 2020.

1. Built-In Accessories

Strangely enough, accessories have been spotted all over the runways this fall, but not in the way that most of us are used to. They have been included in the actual garments as structural elements, creating shapes in cuffs, necklines and sleeves. The metal hardware provides clothing with a structure that hasn’t been seen lately. After all, due to COVID-19, most of us have been quarantined indoors and wearing soft, comfortable clothes during the last few months.

2. Baggy and Untailored

That said, high fashion has also taken a cue from our new reality. With colder weather on the horizon, baggy, oversized clothes will not only be welcome, but stylish. Large coats, such as bomber jackets lined with shearling, a favorite this year, will come complete with huge lapels. Oversized, extra-long blazers will also be the rage. Pair them with slouchy trousers or mom jeans to complete the look!

3. Comfy Jeans for All

Speaking of mom jeans, many ladies underestimate the attractiveness of this controversial style. But, not only are they a hot item to have in your closet right now, they also flatter every body type, unlike skinny jeans. After all, if you are less than curvy, the skinny cut is unbecoming. Mom jeans allow your figure to appear fuller. Wear them with pullovers or tee shirts for an uncomplicated, yet cozy, outfit. For an early-90s throwback, cuff the bottoms and channel your inner Kelly Kapowski.

However, if you still want the appearance of jeggings or skinny cut jeans, but need the comfort associated with mom jeans, KanCan Jeans are the way to go. They are made with materials that are soft and full of elasticity. They don’t cut into your gut when you are sitting down, and though they are “bodycon,” they are designed with a high rise to flatter your front and backside.

4. Shades of Beige and Brown

While we saw so many shades of beige on runways throughout 2019, the phenomenon skipped most of 2020. But it’s resurfaced for autumn. Along with other contemporary trends, many of the pieces in this hue highlight a lean toward more bourgeois or preppy fashion.

But beige is far from the only nude-tone neutral that is on the radar this season. The hot colors seen in New York during Fashion Week mirror the vast diversity in skin tones seen all over the world. These include rich, earthy tones such as chocolate brown, cognac, bronze and caramel.

From chunky sweaters to dress pants, and from miniskirts to evening wear, these shades are sure to be a staple of the year’s later months.

5. Bright, Beautiful Jewel Tones

Conversely, fall 2020 is bringing in a plethora of lovely jewel tones, such as jade, sapphire, amethyst, citrine, emerald and ruby. You can incorporate these eye-opening hues into your work wardrobe or eveningwear—and they will certainly pack quite a punch.

However, if you are dressing more casually, choose any one of these shades and use layering techniques to switch up your ensemble each time you don a few key items. You can go monochromatic by changing up the tones between pieces to make your outfit more interesting. For example, try a sapphire cardigan with a sky-blue tunic, or a ruby scarf with a cherry red frock.

6. All Types of Outerwear

While most of us enjoy the summertime, there is just something about shopping for outerwear that is comforting. Sweaters, kimonos, jackets, trenches and capes all bring a cozy, nostalgic feeling reminiscent of sitting by the fireplace and drinking a mug of hot cocoa. And, whether they are made from denim, leather, wool or corduroy, jackets and coats must be fashionable, flattering and warm enough to provide that simulated hug that we all need when the weather starts nipping at our noses.

This season, expect pea coats, military-styled jackets, trench coats and wrap coats to take center stage along with other upper class styles popular in 2020.

7. Boss Lady Suits

The unspoken rule regarding business suits is that they must be professional-looking, which is a misnomer, since the meaning of “professional” changes from decade to decade, and even year to year. However, 2020 is breaking any of the shared traditions of frumpiness or stodginess that most seasons’ suits have in common.

This fall, the “boss lady” veneer takes many forms, but the one thing they all share is that they are unique and bold. So, expect bright colors and loud patterns. Look for tailored, bourgeois, broad-shouldered skirt suits. This look is chic when paired with this year’s equally popular knee-high boots.

8. Jamming with Joggers

These are cuter than sweatpants, much more comfortable than traditional leggings and more popular than ever due to the pandemic. They have a roomy fit, but they’re more attractive than fleece wear, and contain pockets, which are difficult to get with yoga pants.

The soft waistbands and light feel of the fabrics make joggers ideal for sleeping, going about town on errands, traveling or relaxing at home.

9. Showing Some Skin

As cold as fall can be in some areas, fashion is trending toward getting a bit revealing this autumn. Hemlines are rising, but that may be the runways’ reaction to the long, flowing, romantic skirts and dresses that have been so popular for the last few years. However, tiny skirts are not the only sensual touches seen this season.

Cutouts and strapless tops are becoming a popular staple once again. These 2010s throwbacks reveal ribs, collarbones and shoulders in a sensual manner. The bare clavicle adds appeal without being too revealing. But, if you are a bit more modest, you can sample the asymmetrical sleeve fashion trend that is also hot right now. Just picture one side bare to the shoulder and the other completely covered with a long sleeve to the wrist.

10. Equine Fine

Another tangent of the bourgeois craze is the rider-inspired look. The knee-high boot is really hot right now, and this is probably because ankle-length booties have dominated for a while. Suede or leather knee-highs can both winterize and westernize a summer dress, or they can be worn with jeans, slim pants or trousers tucked inside them, urban cowgirl style! Add some leather accents and horsebit belts and you’ll be sure to properly rock the equestrian chic look.

11. Totally 80s

We already discussed the yuppie look on this list, and everyone knows that it was borrowed directly from the 1980s. However, we have also mentioned the upper-class feel that many garments seem to have had in 2020, and that lineage can also be traced back squarely to early 80s prep. Expect polos, argyle sweaters—both vests and pullovers—as well as cardigans and plaid, pleated skirts. Think Blair Warner from “Facts of Life.”

Conversely, punk singers like Debbie Harry and Pat Benatar are also influencing runway styles 40 years after the unique styles they created have peaked. Leather jackets, rocker scarves and loads of belts and chains, with cinched waists and massive shoulders, are showing modern women the edgier side of that same era.

12. Loving the Leather

Speaking of the sexy, yet tough, material, slick, head-to-toe leathery outfits are par for the course in 2020. Men’s fashion has featured completely leather ensembles for a few seasons, and now women’s trends are finally catching up. Many fashion shows have featured glossy jackets with matching pants in different textures and eye-catching hues. As a matter of fact, colored leather is on trend, including canary yellow, electric blue and ultraviolet.

In conclusion, these are the hottest trends you’ll see this season. They are a far cry from the tee-shirts and sweats we have been living in for months. So, order your favorites online and dress up for a change. Even if you don’t leave the house, staying current is sure to put a smile on your face.