Fall Lovers: 3 Ways to Wear an Oversized Sweater

Fall has finally arrived, complete with cooler weather, oversized sweaters, and pumpkin spice everything. The time has come for pulling out all the clothes you couldn’t bear to look at in the heat of summer. Leggings, boots, sweaters, and coats are calling out to you, begging to be worn. Best of all, fashion boutiques are setting out their new fall lines. 

The staple of every fall wardrobe is a comfortable, oversized sweater, like the perfectly cozy Caycee Oversized Sweater. Soft fabric, loose fit perfect for layering, and oh so many ways to wear them. We’ve put together three ways to style your new fall favorite.

Classic Look

The best items in your closet are the ones that can be used in more than one outfit. Jeans are an essential base to any wardrobe, and will always be in style. Pick your favorite pair of fitted jeans to partner with your fall sweater. You can choose to tuck the bottom of the sweater into your waistline or leave it loose and comfy.

Boots are another great versatile item to stock your wardrobe with. They keep your feet warm and dry and are a fantastic way to compliment a plethora of outfits. Whether you prefer a more solid combat boot, other types of lace-up boots, or a knee-high boot that forms nicely to your calf, choose a style you love and walk with confidence.

Want to make the look feel a little more professional? Toss the sweater over a button-up and let the crisp collar peek out at the neckline. 

A Twist

Similar to the classic fall look, the next way to wear a sweater puts a little twist on it. The cooler weather makes it possible to wear all your comfy favorites without looking like you are leaving the house in your pajamas. Pull out your favorite pair of dark leggings and spend your day out and about in absolute comfort. 

Class up the look with a pair of high-heeled ankle boots, or stick with the theme of comfort and throw on your favorite pair of flats. The beauty of leggings is that they are a base item in an outfit. What you layer over them is what makes the leggings look dressed up or comfy casual. 

An oversized sweater and leggings are the perfect opportunity for a messy bun. Styling for the season can be effortless with these staples in your closet. 

Loose and Flowy

Oversized sweaters have an advantage over form-fitting ones because they have room for layering. Have a dress you wish that you could wear all year long, but isn’t warm enough in the cooler weather? Layer your sweater over the top for a loose and flowy fall look. 

A-line or tiered midi dresses are great for this because they taper at the waist, allowing the sweater to flow around your middle without looking bulky. The best part is that the length doesn’t matter. Full length or midthigh, both will look great paired with the sweater. 

Ankle boots are a simple way to add some fall chic to the look. Keeping your feet safe from the chill never looked cuter. If the weather is taking a turn toward too cold, fleece leggings are perfect for any skirt or dress and stop right at the top of the boot. 

Finish off the outfit with your favorite broad-brimmed hat and you are all set for striding through fall with stylish confidence. 

Liam & Co’s goal is to offer quality styles without breaking the bank. With a wide selection of seasonal clothes, you can feel and look great no matter what time of year. For an oversized sweater you can’t resist and many other great looks, check out this year’s fall collection.