5/21 Rise & Grind - Finding Balance

Rise & Grind

Finding Balance

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1. Product We're Loving 

Ylang Ylang Oil

An essential oil that has traditionally been used to treat anxiety and soothe fearfulness...something never more needed than right now! While many aren't completely sold on essential oils, this one has some science behind it. A 2013 study showed that it reduces systolic blood pressure, while another 2012 study proved that it reduced cortisol levels.  WebMD even suggests it may promote improved memory and thinking skills. Yes PLEASE!.  A small amount applied to the skin under your nose or on your neck goes a long way. We like this lotion from Bath & Body Works a lot lately.


2. Feng Shui

We've all been spending a lot of time at home lately.  And we're noticing all the ways our house could use a little makeover.  We recently tried rearranging what we have vs. buying new things that take up more space. One small thing we changed was putting our phones on the other side of our room instead of on the night stand.  Call us crazy, but we've been sleeping better than we have in a long time. 

Here are a few tips on how to Feng Shui your bedroom to start: 

  • Natural Light - you should be able to shed as much natural light into your room as possible. This enhances energy levels and brings a freshness in. 
  • Try Natural Materials - bedding and bed frames made of natural materials are a good start. You can try wood bed frames, organic latex mattress, and natural fiber linens. 
  • Bed Placement - place your bed in the middle of the room. It should always be accessible from either side. Especially for couples. 
  • Put Electronics Away - besides it being a distraction before bed, electronic devices also generate radiations that can disturb natural energy flows. 
  • Coloring - each corner of your house should correspond with a certain color and element.  
  • Click HERE for guide


3. What We're Listening To 

Daily Stoic Podcast 

(click for link to podcast)

This is a super short podcast, usually around 5-10 minutes each day.  But we love how a quick listen from some of the great thinkers in the past can so quickly make us see things is a new, positive light.  Episode 123 "There is only one person to listen to" is a great episode to start with. 


As usual, we hope you have a great Thursday and safe Memorial Day weekend.

- Liam & Co.