Finding the Perfect Fall Dress for a Date: How-to Guide

The season of sweaters and boots is upon us, bringing with it pumpkin patches and corn mazes. While fall may be the season of oversized sweaters and layers, when going on a date, it is fun to dress up a little nicer. Dresses have a magical way of making most girls feel beautiful and that is how you want to feel for a date, especially a first date. 

Picking the perfect date outfit can be a little overwhelming. You want to make a good impression but you also want to feel good in whichever clothes you pick. We’ve put together a few tips on finding the perfect fall dress for a date, so you can spend less time stressing over an outfit and more time looking forward to your night out. 

Consider the Activity

Before you decide on an outfit, ask your date what you will be doing. Since you wouldn’t dress the same for every situation, it’s good to plan ahead and dress appropriately for the activity. For example, a long, elegant maxi dress works wonderfully for dinner and a movie, but not so well for a roller rink. 

A very long or very short hemline can be difficult to navigate with a more active date night but might be perfect for a high-class restaurant or karaoke bar. If you are going to a club, something showy with sequins would be appropriately eye-catching. Meanwhile, a sweet A-line dress is perfect for a day at the pumpkin patch and to go on hayrides. If you know where you are going, dressing for the occasion will narrow down your options and make it easier to choose the right dress. 

Pick for Comfort 

When picking a dress, find the perfect crossroads between feeling confident and comfortable. It doesn’t matter how cute or sexy a dress looks, if you are uncomfortable in it, you won’t feel good on your date. That strapless dress might make your shoulders look amazing, but it is going to get annoying very fast if you have to keep pulling it back up to its proper position. 

A dress you don’t have to constantly struggle with will allow you to look amazing and feel at ease. A soft fabric and contouring fit like the Brooklyn Mock Neck Dress creates an attractively sophisticated look without sacrificing comfort. Avoid dresses that don’t feel right against your skin or have to be constantly adjusted; it takes some of the fun away from the date. Wearing what makes you feel good will make sure you can focus on your experience, rather than focusing on how irritating your clothes are being.

Keep It Simple

Your keyword for picking a dress should be “simplicity.” An overcomplicated outfit is more work than it’s worth. Fall is the time of warm colors and subtle patterns, making it easier to pick a dress that doesn’t need an excess of accessories to be a complete outfit. Elaborate clothes can be fun, but for a first date outfit, keeping it simple helps your focus to stay on the date, not on keeping track of your clothing. 

The “little black dress” is a classic simple item that you can’t ever really go wrong with, but you don’t have to be limited to just black. Pick a color or pattern that embodies who you are. Darker colors have a slimming effect and bright colors are fun and eye-catching. Pick what you know you can move in and make being gorgeous on your date not just look, but feel effortless. 

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