How to Find the Perfect Dress For Engagement Photos

Congratulations, you’re engaged! You’ve already got the hard part nailed down, now comes the fun part: finding the perfect engagement photo dress. After all, a lot is riding on your engagement photos. They are meant to be a celebration of your relationship and your commitment to one another, and you want them to feel like you. There are plenty of other things you’ll have to consider when planning an engagement shoot--who will take the photos and where, for example--but when it comes to making sure your engagement photos are an accurate reflection of you and your partner, what really matters is what you’re wearing. So, before you strike out on a shopping mission, consider these expert tips on how to find the perfect dress for engagement photos.

1. Decide what kind of look you want

From evening gowns to shirt dresses and everything in between, there are plenty of dress options to choose from for your engagement photos. Decide what kind of emotion or vibe you want to exude during your engagement shoot, then choose a dress that aligns with that aesthetic. If you’re going for a cute and casual look, a flowy, floral midi dress paired with a wide brim fedora hat could be the perfect choice. If chic and sophisticated is more your style, consider a flattering lace dress with a cinched waist and heels. Either way, we recommend aiming for a classic look, rather than something trendy, so you don’t risk your outfit seeming outdated down the road.

2. Make sure the dress reflects your style

One of the keys to taking timeless engagement photos is to wear clothes that make you feel like you. That means if your go-to outfit typically consists of jeans and graphic tees, your engagement shoot may not be the time to break down and buy that fancy lace ball gown you’ve had your eye on. You want to look your best, but you also want to avoid looking or feeling awkward during the shoot. Aim for a dress that lands squarely in your comfort zone and your joy will shine through in your engagement photos. 

3. Consider the season

Make sure the dress you choose for your engagement shoot is seasonally appropriate. You may have had your heart set on wearing a sleeveless mini dress, but that won’t line up well for a winter engagement in most areas. The same goes for donning your favorite long-sleeve sweater dress for a shoot that takes place in summer. Work with the season you’re in by looking at engagement photo dresses that align with the climate and location of your photoshoot. And don’t be afraid to embrace the warm weather. Consider pairing a simple maxi dress with a statement necklace or a floral sundress with a cute denim jacket for a sweet summer-themed engagement session. 

4. Complement your partner without matching

Choosing a dress that complements your partner’s outfit is one thing, but you’ll want to stay away from anything too matchy-matchy that could distract from the focus of your engagement photos. Instead of wearing matching outfits or bold prints, look for solid patterns and complementary colors that go well together and create a cohesive look without one element standing out too much. In terms of color scheme, pastels, cool colors and neutral tones work best for engagement photo dresses. 

Find the Perfect Dress for Engagement Photos at Liam & Co

Booking an engagement photo session is a great way to celebrate your new relationship status, but selecting what dress to wear can feel like a daunting task. Whatever your style, you can choose from a wide selection of dresses for engagement photos at Liam & Co. If you’re not sure where to start, we can help.