How To : From Workout To Athleisure

What is Athleisure & What's The Big Deal?


casual clothing designed to be worn both for exercising and for general use. Of course, athleisure has lately become a fashion buzzword, a term intended to embrace the kind of clothing that a woman might be able to wear at work, to the gym, and then to dinner

Straight from Merriam-Webster (remember dictionaries?!), athleisure has become such a big deal, it's an official word now (ahem, autocorrect!). We love and appreciate the blurred lines between fashion and function, style and comfort into a chic and comfortable look. Athleisure is both practical and fashionable and accessible to every style.

Because workout clothing has traditionally been comfortable and a go-to for most women (even when not working out), it's a no-brainer that the fashion industry caught on and athleisure was born.

We get to have it all: be comfortable, stylish and get all the things done we need to in our gym clothes. The key to making an outfit elevate from workout clothes to athleisure is all about the styling. Add one non-activewear piece of clothing, some great accessories and mission accomplished.

Here are our go-to tips and Do's & Don'ts for turning your workout clothing into fashionable athleisure:

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