How to Look Cute in Yoga Pants Outside the Studio

Yoga pants are specially designed to stretch and flex with your body as you contort and breathe through the different yoga positions. This, of course, makes them divinely comfortable, tempting us to wear them not just in the studio, but everywhere.

The internet has strong opinions about wearing your exercise pants in public, but there are ways to wear yoga pants without it being obvious. Not to mention, those who don’t have to live your life don’t get a say in how comfortable you are from day to day!  

Yoga pants can be worn for running errands, in the office, and any other daily activity. Here are a few tips for taking advantage of the ease and comfort of yoga pants—outside the studio. 

Choose Wisely

Step one is investing in good-quality yoga pants. Cheap yoga pants tend to be revealing and highly unflattering in fit. You spend time focusing on how self-conscious they make you feel instead of enjoying the freedom and comfort they provide. The best yoga pants shouldn’t make you feel exposed or uncomfortable. It is worth investing money in a quality pair that is going to last a long time. 

While straight black is the most subtle color to wear with outfits, consider what kind of clothing you want to wear with them. Maybe you have the perfect oversize sweater and a brighter color would contrast nicely. Ash Grey yoga pants might go well with a black jacket. Consider the type of clothing you already own and choose your color accordingly. 

Layer and Accessorize

A useful way to style your yoga pants is to utilize layers. A long cardigan over a breezy top adds a classy feel to the outfit without defeating the purpose of your comfortable pants. Tunics and sweaters paired with a vest and or jean jacket make you look effortlessly stylish. 

Try to choose accessories that won’t make your yoga pants seem out of place. No need to get too elaborate, you aren’t wearing yoga pants to a fancy dress party. A well-chosen scarf or cute necklace draws the eyes up and away from the pants, letting you be comfortable in peace. Popping on a hat creates a more casual look, great for running errands and keeping warm on colder days.

Consider the leg of your pants when choosing shoes. A fitted ankle lends well to boots and other shoes that come a little higher on the leg. Flared yoga pants go well with your favorite tennis shoes or flats for looking trendy on the go. 

Get Creative 

Take the time to try out new combinations. Be bold, pair up unlikely clothing items and colors to see how you like them. Wear your favorite cardigan or get adventurous with your choices and try a crop top with an oversized flannel. 

The most important thing is to remember that this is about your comfort. Skip the makeup and wear a messy bun if you feel like it, or dress it up a little and rock those beach waves. Style should be versatile, functional, and above all comfortable. Thankfully, that is exactly what yoga pants are. So, take your time to explore what outfits you like best with them and breeze through your day with ease in your yoga pants. 

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