How to Style Animal Prints for Everyday Wear

Spice up your look with this fall’s most exciting trend

When it comes to mixing in this fall’s latest trend to your wardrobe, the key to classy outfits rests in pairing bold animal print pieces with subtlety. If that sounds confusing and like you’re better off sticking with the clothes and accessories you already own, we promise that mixing in these simple pieces can add a bit of fun to your everyday casual or professional look. From Leopard Print to Python Print to Cheetah Print, this guide will have you rocking animal print in no time.

Start Small: Animal Print Accessories

By throwing in animal print accessories, you keep it classy and show off just a bit of fun. Try adding a leopard or python printed scrunchies to your work ponytail or up-do. It will make you feel like less of an outfit repeater and is sure to earn a few compliments. If you’re headed out on the town or having a day with the girls, our crossbody leopard purse is the perfect practical way to mix in animal print. 

The trick to making these prints not look like pattern overload or like you’re putting in way too much effort is keeping the rest out of the outfit simple and sleek. Consider sticking to a neutral or monochrome color palette or playing around with the classic white tee and jeans look. 

Cross Body Purse Light LeopardPython Scrunchie


Be bold: animal print outerwear

Nothing spices up an everyday outfit like an eye-catching fun coat. If you’re worried about taking that leap into a bold pattern, like our Cleo leopard coat, the trick is confidence. No one will ever grant you permission to wear exciting clothes that make you feel confident, sassy, or classy, so give yourself that permission and have some fun.

You can even layer in a leopard print cardigan before it gets too chilly, or find yourself an animal print scarf or hat. You’re immediately ready for that Instagram opportunity for girls’ night. You can even mix different animal prints in the same look if you’re feeling really adventurous. Remember, when mixing patterns, consider the scale of the patterns and whether they belong in the same family.

Ferria Leopard CardiganCleo Leopard Coat


Be subtle: animal print layers

If you want to start exploring some new animal prints but want to keep it casual, start with a printed tee or midi dress that can be accessorized, played up or played down depending on your mood. By making the animal print the main focal point of your outfit as your shirt or your dress, you actually make the bold print a subtle choice. You’ll have a simple, fun new item in your wardrobe that makes a statement all on its own.


Taina Pocket Midi DressLiliana Leopard Distressed Tee

Pair with other trends: Color Blocking

Color blocking, monochrome, floral prints, oversized sweater dresses, fanny packs, even vintage and neon looks all blend with a classy animal print accessory. Don’t be afraid to get creative and play to what styles you like or what trends are catching your attention. After all, the greatest fashion is when confidence goes hand in hand with comfort.

Bishop Color Block Tunic