How To Style Mom Jeans


Mom Jeans are all the rage right now, and for good reason! Flattering, ultra comfy and a nice break from the skinny jean. This throwback trend, straight from the 90's, has made a major comeback, a perfect addition to the stylish, modern girl's closet.

What are Mom Jeans?

The straight leg cut mixed with a high waist fit makes Mom Jeans stand out. They have a slightly oversized fit (not too formfitting) and give the illusion of larger thighs and a nice plump booty. They look great styled casually and very comfortable. 

Who Can Wear Mom Jeans?

Tall, short, skinny, curvy, or right in between, Mom Jeans can accentuate every size and shape! The versatility of this cut can make your waist appear thinner, the looser fit hides areas you may feel less confident in, and they are comfy for all! The high right can elongate a short torso, lengthen the legs and shrink the waistline. 

How Do I Wear Mom Jeans?

The trick to not looking older than you are and to maintain an in-style appearance, is all in the details. We are loving the play on proportions with a bodysuit or form fitting top. You can layer it with a jacket or blazer for a chic edge. Try keeping it simple and classic with a tee and tennis shoes for a tried and true look. A tucked in tee is often the key to mastering the flattering style of this look. Read on to see four different ways to style your mom jeans!

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