Hustle From Home

Hustle From Home 

It's time to get dressed for yourself! 


You know, it's okay if productivity looks a little different than usual right now. We're all just doing our best - and that's ENOUGH! 

One of our best tips right now for staying productive while working from home? 


Getting dressed up for the day helps our brain go through the motions. We are preparing for the day, and have an established routine which helps our body feel more productive. 

We've always heard "Dress for Success", but now we actually have scientific studies to back these emotions. 

Clothing actually does help with your performance - read it here. (Scientific American Study) 

So, if you're needing an extra boost in productivity, here are a couple of our favorite products to dress up in: 

1. Carrington Mock Neck Top 

The perfect top - easily dressed up or down. 

Did we mention how comfortable it is? 

Detailed with lettuce edge hems, this will definitely help inspire your performance. 


2. Marleigh Pleated Tank 

Seriously, we can't ever get enough of this abstract animal print. SO MANY HEART EYES.

Nothing feels more professional to us than a high-quality chiffon top. 

And of course, adding our girly touch with fun prints. 


3. Mattie Tulip Sleeve Tunic 

Elegant and simple - just how we like it! 

This soft-as-butter top is perfectly detailed with tulip sleeves, featuring that trendy lace pom-pom trim.