Let's Have Some Fun

Music to jam to - outfits to dance in! 


Today, we're talking all about the perfect outfits to go with our most recent Spotify Playlist (link below). 

We all know what you wear and what you listen to has a huge impact on your mood, so let's get started with what to wear for each playlist! 

1. Dance Party w/ your Bestie

You need to be as cozy as possible, and you need to be able to MOVE girlfriend. 

Wear - 


2. For a Mood Boost

Social Isolation can be hard... bright cozy colors can do wonders to lift the gloom! 

Wear - 


3. Sit back and relax

Sometimes the best thing to do is just to chill out, sit down, and take the music in. 

Wear - 


Head over to our Spotify Playlist "Messy Buns & Having Fun" with songs we dedicated to our newest product launch!