Livin' The Dream

We know the life of a busy, multi-tasking modern day female. It's all about filling many roles and doing them well. Our Livin' The Dream Collection is all about having a comfortable, versatile wardrobe while juggling life's daily to-do's. Check out our outfit + tips highlights below.


  • Nurturing your career, future and ambitions is important. Stay curious by continuing your education through podcasts, books or newsletters that can help you grow and thrive in what you do.


  • Make quality time a priority. If the quarantine life is getting in the way of your normal date night routine, get creative, dressed up and switch it up. Try having a picnic in the backyard or getting take out and drive to the local lake or look out point.


  • Take time to nurture your friendships. Make your bestie feel extra special by surprising her with a Favorites Delivery! Send her something that has been bringing you joy lately - like a favorite candle, shirt or book. It's sure to put a smile on her face!


  • Think back to some of your favorite summer time childhood memories. How can you recreate that memory for you & your child? Was it making popsicles? A trip to the rope swing at the lake? Running through the sprinklers? Plan something simple, but meaningful to do together.


  • Allow yourself a break! Schedule daily time to unwind by yourself. Use that time to do whatever makes YOU happy and has no other purpose. Whether it's reading a book, gardening, shopping online or taking a bath, reward yourself for being you.