Choosing Your Favorite Fashion Colors

Choosing Your Favorite Fashion Colors:

- what your color choice says about you - 


We know that you probably have a favorite color, but have you ever stopped to consider why that is?From visual preference to personality, here's what the color you're wearing tells others:


Blue - Calmness and Poise

Among the favorites of top colors, blue indicates calmness and poise. Wanting to nail an interview? Wear shades of blue to represent confidence and reliability.  

Red - Power and Passion

Red is a much more powerful color, drawing attention to the person wearing it. If you're looking to turn some heads and impress, wear ruby tints. 

Lavender - Creative and Dreamy 

Representing higher society and wealth, lavender had always been worn with sophistication. Today, purples stand for creativity and the love of art. Wear this when you're feeling dreamy and passionate.  

Sage - Peaceful and Kind

Sage indicates a good mood, with a contentment and feeling of peace as we see a kinship with nature. Feeling caring and kind? Throw on some green tones. 

Orange - Cheerful and Energetic 

Those who wear orange always have a happy-go-lucky presence about them! With the warm and cheerful tones, wear when feeling energetic.

Mauve - Feminine and Calm

With the stigma of Barbie, you'll usually find adults wearing softer shades representing femininity. A very romantic and calm color, put this on when feeling optimistic. 


Black - Serious and Sleek

Black is a color that is taken seriously. Always looking sleek and the easiest color to pull off an entire outfit with, this color represents power, intelligence, and seriousness.  


Yellow - Happiness and Laughter

Everyone knows yellow represents the sun, creating happiness and laughter! Ready to explore and conquer? Dream bright with yellow. 


White - Pure and Innocent

If you're going for a simplistic look, white is your go-to. This is a symbol for purity, innocence, and freedom. Go with this neutral color that rarely clashes with others.