Outfit Zodiac Reading - Cardigan Edition

Your Aries Style: You are creative and cool when it comes to your fashion sense. Your go-to pieces are usually not the loudest styles, but you pair them in a fashion-forward way that says trendsetter.

Get The Look:
To master the Aries look, choose classic pieces and mix and match with a pop of color or an unexpected pairing. Get comfortable with layering favorites, they will still feel fresh.
Your Taurus Style: You want to look good, but value comfort above all else. You live for your favorite pair of cozy denim, but know how to style them like a pro. 

Get The Look: Fussy clothing is not made for a Taurus. Choose cool, comfortable pieces that prove you don't need to flaunt it to feel sexy. Look for eye-catching fabrics that feel as good as they look.  
Your Gemini Style: You don't like to be stuck in one signature style. You are equally confident in jeans as you are in a tall pair of heels. You love to switch it up with accessories, depending on your mood.

Get The Look: The Gemini mantra is don't be afraid to mix it up. Have plenty of versatile options on hand so you can dress for whatever mood strikes your fancy.
Your Cancer Style: You are all about the classics. You favor timeless, grown up pieces, but there is nothing stuffy about your signature look. 

Get The Look: Embrace the elegance of classic pieces to shine like a Cancer. Well-tailored staples should be your go-to when shopping. Add feminine accessories to add more personality to your look. 
Your Leo Style: You are most confident with your style when you put it all out there. You are colorful, adventurous and up for a new trend. 

Get The Look: To fly like a Leo take risks with bold statement pieces, wild patterns and bold trends. Your outfit should speak out loud and proud as soon as you enter the room.
Your Virgo Style: You are ladylike, but functional. You tend to lean towards beautiful pieces that don't feel too over-the-top. 

Get The Look: Virgo style opts for feminine pieces with a creative twist. Try flirty matching sets or a classic silhouette mixed with an extra dose of color.
Your Libra Style: You are a mix master. You can wear an elegant dress, rock the tom-boy look, and just maybe mix them together. You gravitate towards classic looks, but always add an edge. 

Get The Look: Try Libra's look by experimenting with proportions and colors. Layer things you've never thought of before and be playful about it. 
Your Scorpio Style: You are focused, polished and structured. You like a specific look and stick to it, but that doesn't mean you're boring. You are refined, but edgy. 

Get The Look: Take a lesson from a Scorpio to have confidence in your style. Stick to what you know, with silhouettes and fits that are tried and true and play around with colors and fabrics.
Your Sagittarius Style: You are polished and feminine but never fussy. You love bright, bold colors and prints are your signature move. When something says funky, your friends think of you.

Get The Look: Shop for feminine styles and experiment with prints and color to emulate Sagittarius' refreshing look. Play with accessories that are considered over-the-top.
Your Capricorn Style: You are simple, yet sophisticated. You love to get dressed up, but if it's too much work you won't wear it. You gravitate towards classics with a fun twist.

Get The Look: Invest in classic pieces that you can wear again and again. Don't be afraid to experiment, with the sensibility of a Capricorn mentality, it will never feel like too much.​
Your Aquarius Style: Your look is innovative, color-filled and fun. You don't dress for anyone else, but yourself. You wear what makes YOU happy. You aren't afraid to experiment with your style.

Get The Look: Since Aquarius aren't afraid of what others think, take a lesson and try something new with colors, prints or fabrics that you never felt brave enough to do before. Stay away from anything too trendy. An
Aquarius would never care that much.  
Your Pisces Style: You gravitate towards soft, flowing pieces. There is something bohemian and effortless about your signature style. 

Get The Look: Keep an eye out for boho pieces with a fresh take. Pisces never look too refined or put together, so avoid being too matchy. Stick with earth tones and romantic cuts, for a subtle elegance.