Rise & Grind 5/14

Comfortable With Uncertainty 

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1. What We're Reading 

Comfortable With Uncertainty 

By: Pema Chodron 

This has been on the shelf for years, but we find that we are pulling it out more and more lately. You don't need to be a meditation expert or Buddhist to appreciate the message. 

It's only 150 pages and one of those books you can open to any page and find wisdom.

During this time when we are all facing uncertainty we would highly recommend this easy read. 

2. Create a Work From Home Schedule 

Working from home has been a blessing for many, but it comes with its own set of challenges.  Distractions usually top the list. These are a few of our top recommendations for making the most out of working from home. 

1. Get a plan 

  • Having a plan will ensure you are able to stick to your routine. Set aside time (we like Sunday nights) to make a plan for your week. Working from home makes it easy to become distracted and work on multiple things at once while never really moving the needle on the tasks you want to complete. We love the app https://www.cozi.com/ to keep us on track. 

2. Get up and start your day off early 

  • We know how difficult it is to get up early in the morning, but this is a game changer! Getting up an hour or 2 earlier than anyone else at home will allow some uninterrupted YOU time. Take this time to feed your soul through workout, journaling, studying and getting ready for the day before those cute little ones come rolling in asking for breakfast.

3. Turn off all distractions 

  • Turning off distractions can look different to all of us. Cellphones, TV, music, (or for me personally, all the extra tabs on my computer screen!) Whatever it is turn them off and focus in on the work in front of you. 

4. Create a comfortable workspace

  • Create a comfortable workspace: WFH has taken you out of your office and put you in your home. Take time to find a comfortable corner, nook, room, etc to call your own. Decluttering and placing only the items you will need to complete your work will help you to feel at ease and focused. We would also recommend investing in a quality chair and adding a few touches of personalization. One of my recent favorites is my “take a deep breathe” picture. 

5. Nourish your mind and body 

  • People often laugh that I have “lunch” scheduled into my calendar, but trust me my family appreciates it. Keeping the hangry at bay is essential when you don’t have co-workers nudging you to take your lunch break. Adding a great book to read while you refuel for those 30 minutes will leave you feeling nourished and ready to take on the rest of the day. 

6. Get up and get out of the house 

  • Never have I loved my apple watch reminding me to STAND more than the past couple months. Remembering to stand, stretch and get out of the house, even if it’s just to the mailbox and back. Taking a step away from the computer is extremely beneficial to clear your mind if you find your focus drifting after staring at the screen too long. 

7. Develop healthy habits 

  • It’s easy to let things slip, it's even easier to let things slip while working from home.  Snacks and temptations are everywhere. It's never more important to reduce decision fatigue than when things are so accessible. The key to success is removing your potential hiccups in the first place.  Eating too much junk food? Meal prep for the week and don't buy any junk food.  Pro tip: have someone shop for you from a grocery list.  You might even see these healthy habits spill over into other areas of your life. 

3. Quote for the Week