Rise & Grind - Creating Change


2020 may be the most unexpected and surprising year in our lifetime.
We came across this thought and are using it to inspire the second half of our 2020.



What have you learned? How have you grown and changed during the last six months? Who were you in January and who will you be in December?




Brené Brown's brilliant podcast, Unlocking Us, explores human emotions and experiences, leaving you with a burning desire to be better. Brown speaks about the need for humans to share the discomfort and strength of being vulnerable.

Be prepared for serious introspection and some major light bulb moments. We recommend listening to this with a notepad or journal nearby. 

Unlocking Us only launched in March, but she has already tackled a wide variety of subjects. Peruse the list of episodes and see what jumps out to you, or do what we did, and start from the beginning as you are introduced to this amazing human.

Some really powerful episodes include: "I'm Sorry, How to Apologize & Why It Matters", "Permission to Feel", "Anxiety, Calm + Over/Under Functioning", and "On More Myself (an amazing interview with Alicia Keyes)".

Listen or subscribe to Unlocking Us on Spotify, Audible, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher Radio or on Brené Brown's website here.



We encourage you to take this opportunity to set some new goals. Take control of the rest of 2020 and end it in a way your January self couldn't have imagined!



To really make a change, we are using the Golden Rules of Goal Setting

  1. Set Goals That Motivate You - If a goal is not important to you, there will be no value in achieving it. Narrow down your focus to the goals that are meaningful and motivating to you personally.
  2. Set SMART Goals - Apply this rule and you will always come out on top!
    Specific - define exactly and precisely what you want
    Measurable - set dates or benchmarks to define what success looks like
    Attainable - set realistic, yet challenging goals, raise your personal bar, while giving you satisfaction of success
    Relevant - align your goals with the direction you want your life to go
    Time Bound - give yourself a deadline to prevent procrastination
  3. Set Goals in Writing - The act of writing out your goal makes it real. Putting a visual in your daily sight is a great reminder.
  4. Make an Action Plan - Break down your goal into steps. Much like assembling a piece of furniture, you have to take your goal step by step.
  5. Stick With It! - Possibly the hardest rule - don't give up! You can do it!