Rise & Grind - Daily Affirmations

It turns out what you think, really does matter. Affirmations physically rewire the brain. This process improves confidence, self esteem, positive self-perception and even problem-solving skills. Try turning this into a daily ritual of 60-seconds. Repeated positive affirmations can help cement your identity.   For example, if you think you are a runner, you're much more likely to run. 

“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.”

Daily Affirmations are simple declarative statements, meaning you say a phrase out loud as if it's already happened. You've completed your goal or become what you've wanted and spoken it out loud to manifest it into reality. 
The website Healthy, Happy, Impactful has some great tips for really making your daily affirmations effective. 

1. You MUST Believe Them

Affirmations like “I’m skinny” or “I make a million bucks” don’t work because they may simply not be true. Within days, you’ll feel as though you’re lying to yourself and give up affirmations entirely.

Instead, choose something like “I work hard and am committed to a lean, toned body.”


2. Use Your Values in Your Affirmations

Affirmations should be personal. Prioritize the values that you hold in your life to focus your affirmations on what matters to YOU.

If you value your work, try: “my work makes a positive impact on others.”

If you value your friends, try: “my friends are a a positive light in my life.”


3. Use Your Goals in Your Affirmations

What are you working on? Use daily morning affirmations to help yourself make the progress! This is a huge secret advantage!

Try “I am a runner,” and then spend a few minutes every day running. Before you know it, you’ll be working your way to longer increments, and beginning to identify as a runner.


4. Use Emotion & Visualization

Affirmations work best when you engage your emotions. If your core value is being calm with your kids, picture what that looks like. Then, imagine how you feel (even in tough situations). Strive for that feeling during the day.


5. Say Them in First Person, Present tense

Finally, it helps to say affirmations as though you are actively doing them. This draws on emotions and you can visualize your preferred outcome. It’s yet another phenomenal way to motivate yourself into action.

Source: healthyhappyimpactful.com


Sometimes we need to shed some light on who we can be and what we can achieve. Some of the affirmations below encourage you to see the positive in yourself. As a women or mother we all face different challenges and keeping things in perspective can make all the difference. 
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Our mindsets and thoughts have enormous impact on our motivation, self-esteem, health, prosperity, and happiness. Positive self-talk is a simple and proven technique practiced by psychologists and life coaches to overcome challenges and achieve goals.

Select affirmations from a professionally edited list or just use them as inspiration and create your own.

Record in the voice your brain truly trusts and understands - your own

It takes time to change wrong patterns that are deeply embedded in us. Focusing on the same set of affirmations helps developing new, positive thoughts and reduces negative self-talk

Inspiring music makes the experience enjoyable and relaxing.

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You are brave. You are wise. You are powerful. You are beautiful. ❤️