Rise & Grind - Finding Meaning

Did you know "Finding Meaning" is one of the most googled phrases in this COVID crazy year? It is natural for humans to look for value, meaning and intention in things, especially when the world is in a state of unrest. Read on for some of finds week on this important topic.  


Man's Search for Meaning is a 1946 book by Viktor Frankl. Chronicling his experiences as a prisoner in Nazi concentration camps during World War II, he describes his process as identifying a purpose in life to feel positive about, and then deeply imagining that outcome. The book is great for finding purpose and strength at any time, but especially in times of great despair. This is an inspiring, short read and very impactful. 

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A large part of finding meaning is stretching and pushing your own boundaries. It's much easier to stay comfortable, but limiting yourself to what you already know means missing out on growth in other areas of life. Add these six simple steps into your daily life to add bits of depth and additional meaning in your life. 


1. Take The First Step

"In theory, all you need to do is to take the first step. It will be difficult. The first day at the gym is the worst. The opening line of your story takes the longest time. But as you gain momentum, it is easier to keep moving." — Deepak Mehta

2. Don't Pick The Safe Choice

"Every time you're making a choice, one choice is the safe/comfortable choice, and one choice is the risky/uncomfortable choice. The risky/uncomfortable choice is the one that will teach you the most and make you grow the most, so that's the one you should choose." — Karen X. Cheng

3. Consider Other Points of View

"Surround yourself with very smart people who are a little bit arrogant and disagree with you on many things. Make sure to debate ideas with them, in a civil way, which will cause you to re-examine your beliefs." — Yael Grauer

4. Make A Snap Decision

"It doesn't have to be a life-or-death decision. Anything from choosing a restaurant to shopping. Just make a choice that's unusual for your routine without overthinking it.

"If that still sounds daunting, flip a coin. Yes, I am serious! Flip a coin over the decision and stick to it. I do it all the time and end up glad that I did (mostly).

"Eliminating the need of mulling over a decision greatly boosts the process of stepping out of our comfort zones. Plus, snap decisions instill a feeling of self-trust. So, 'just do it.'" — Shivee Gupta

5. Do What You're Afraid Of

"New mindset. It goes like this: Does this scare me? Then I have to do it. That's how you conquer fear. It never goes away, you just learn how to ride that energy." — Zach Davidson

6. Remember That Tomorrow is a New Day

"It helps to remember that what doesn't kill you generally really does make you stronger — you will survive, you will heal, you will learn something, you will have a better chance of emerging unscathed next time." — Nate Waddoups


Source: 12 Ways To Push Yourself Out Of Your Comfort Zone Every Day by Katherine Noel, Business Insider

Confucius was a Chinese philosopher, teacher and political figure. He is widely considered as one of the most important and influential individuals in human history. His teaching and philosophy, including the golden rule, has greatly impacted people around the world and his wisdom remains influential today.

Source: Wikipedia