Rise & Grind - Getting Outside: Fall Edition

It's been one crazy year and the season is finally beginning to change. One great way to boost your mood and enjoy the changes is by getting outside. Check out a few fun ways to explore the outdoors.
Great for kids or adults, who doesn't love a great hike? The fall temperature cools down just enough to make it a lot more fun and allow you to look around and appreciate the beauty of the changing season. Grab a friend or the kids and get outside! See who can get Bingo first!
Sometimes all it takes is creating a new small ritual to really change the outcome of your day and attitude. The stillness and calm of being outside can have a nurturing impact on our hectic lives. Nature also can be a great source of inspiration! Check out our suggestions for easily adding a little fresh air into your daily routine.

1. Coffee on The Porch

Sometimes it's hard to find time or space to get outside, but this simple daily act can be quick and simple. Drinking coffee or eating your breakfast outside is a great solution when you're craving some fresh air. Your porch, backyard lounge chair or even on the grass to ground you for your upcoming day. There is something very refreshing and calm about starting your day this way. 

2. Block Walk

A simple walk about your block can have immense benefits! Grab your dog, kid or even just a pair of headphones and go for a stroll. This doesn't have to be intense or seen as exercise. It's getting outside, breathing fresh air, stretching your legs and enjoying your surroundings. With such a short distance and amount of time, this would be so easy to add to your daily routine. Bonus points for timing it with the sunrise or sunset!

3. Hammock Time

A really fun, inexpensive reading nook or nap haven is a hammock. Starting at $20 you can have a little escape place in your backyard to enjoy some time outside. No trees, no problem. There are so many creative options now, with a click of a mouse you can find something that will work for your space. Level Up - Instead of going straight to the TV after dinner, spend 20 minutes reading in the hammock instead.

4. Chase the Sunset/Sunrise

A really inspiring friend I have built her home around the fact that she wanted to see the sunset every single day. From the placement of windows to the design of her deck. She loves to stop and appreciate Mother Nature in this way every day. What a great lesson to stop and recognize the beauty we have. Plan your walk or coffee for this time to kill two birds with one stone.

5. Picnic 

Do you eat three meals a day? What if one of those meals was spent outside? On your lunch break, find a nice spot outside and enjoy the view. Make your backyard meal-friendly and start making a habit of enjoying your space with having dinner outside occasionally, especially when grilling!



With so many unique parts of the country, we want to give you some ideas for tapping into your local gems. Find things that make your town really special and support them! This could be anything from picking apples at your local orchard or attending activities like free movies played at the park. This not only supports your local economy but increases your gratitude and satisfaction with your community. Hop online and see what you haven't discovered yet in your town.