Rise & Grind - Hittin' The Slopes

We are lucky enough to live in a town where snow is celebrated! Skiing, sledding, and snowshoeing, are just a few ways we enjoy the winter months in Utah.

Today on Rise & Grind, we are sharing our new favorite winter drink, a packing guide for a ski getaway, and yoga for skiers!

There is NOTHING like a warm drink by the fire after spending some time out in the snow! We love this recipe for a different take on a winter warm-me-up. It's easy to make ahead and store in the freezer all winter! We love that there is an adult and kids version too!
If you're itching for a winter getaway, a ski trip may be the socially-distanced answer to your prayers. Take a hint from a pro (us!), and we'll have you packed and ready to go in a jiffy!
1. Layering sweaters are must for a ski weekend. Stay warm on the slopes, the the lodge and exploring the town. We love the Tanna Mock Neck Sweater for this multi-purpose sweater and looking adorable while staying warm!
2. A medium weight jacket is great for when you don't want to shlep around your big puffer coat. Check out the Dinah Corduroy Jacket in this gorgeous deep coral color to stand out in the snow!
3. A long, puffer uber warm coat is a must! For skiing, and stay warm all weekend. We love the extra long version so you don't have your sweater hanging out the bottom. 
4. A great, thick sweater is a must. We love this nordic inspired print for major ski vibes.
5. Make sure you pack a great lounge set for after you wind down in a cozy cabin or your resort room. 
6. Tall socks for skiing, layering with your boots and lounging post ski day will be a life saver. We love these Knit Knee Socks is a ton of pretty colors!
7. These Juna Drawstring Leggings are the athletic layering pants you will love. Perfect for under snow pants, hidden pockets, stretchy and so comfy. These are a ski trip no-brainer!
8. You can't do a ski trip without a great, waterproof winter boot. We love the traction on the sole of these duck boots, plus they are warm and are great in the elements. They come in three, fun eye catching prints too, so you won't get bored with them!
9. We love this small, stylish clutch when you don't want to take too much. The color and shape are flawless! 
10. You'll want a super soft and lightweight top as a great base-layer or perfect for hanging at a restaurant or lodge! 
We love the intense workout of winter sports. If you're lucky enough to be in a snowy climate for part of the year, you know the diverse array of physical activities that come with it. Skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, ice skating, winter hiking and sledding are among our favorites.
While we love the excuse to get out and work up a good sweat, we also know it can take a toll on our bodies. Just 10-30 minutes of yoga a day can really increase your flexibility and stamina for winter sports. Try these poses below first thing in the morning or right before bed!
Most view yoga as merely stretching, but in reality, it requires as much strength and flexibility as skiing itself. These poses help to reinforce the muscles used in sports, develop the same muscles for deep breathing under stress and improve balance. 
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