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Mother's Day is right around the corner and this week we're getting ready to honor Mom's (and ourselves)! Read on to celebrate, shop & prepare for Mother's Day with us!
Moming is hard business. We get it.
We've found we do a lot better with daily pep talks! We're big fans of daily affirmations around here and the power of positive self-talk. We've gathered 9 of our favorite (and most needed!) mom-related daily affirmations and turned them into phone backgrounds just for you! Download what one you NEED right now and display it as your phone wallpaper to remind yourself whatever piece of advice you need to give yourself. Remember, you've got this! 
Pro tip: Down all 9 and rotate out as needed!
Have you started your Mother's Day shopping yet? We've rounded up some of our current favs, perfect for any mom's in your life! Are you shopping for your own mother, mother-in-law, gal pals or yourself? Find the perfect gift to show them your appreciation and the impact they have made in your life. (Also, not a bad idea to forward this on to the hubs to help the kids so some shopping for you!)
1. Retro Mama Graphic Tee - We can't get enough of this cute & easy tee. The color are summer perfection and it's one of those types of tops you can never have too many of! 
2. Axelle Versatile Backpack - Looking for a cute bag that can be worn multiple ways and hold everything you need? This do-it-all-for-you bag can work as a purse, backpack, diaper bag and carry on. Perfect for a new mom!
3. Choose Joy Bracelet - No sizing required, we love gifting meaningful jewelry! Simple, stylish and no guessing, if you know a Mama needing an extra boost, this is a great option!
4. Mama Cap - Perfect for the busy, casual mom on-the-go. We love this cute & simple cap for kids' soccer games, running errands and basically anytime we're too pooped to wash our hair.
5. Affirmation Bracelets - We're a big fan of affirmations (see above). We a bunch of great self-talk messages, these will remind you (or any mama that needs it!) that you are going a great job and can get through hard times.
6. Blessed Mama Graphic Tee - Yes, we are giving you permission to brag on your kids with this one. A great tee for you or for someone else who needs to permission!
7. Dear Mom I Love You Bracelet - This is a great gift idea for your mom who needs a little reminder of the love you share with your mom. Available in gold or silver!
8. Dog Mom Baseball Cap - Of course Dog Mom's count too! 
9. Leopard Print Beach Bag - We think this is the perfect gift for any mom! We love this bag for the beach, the park or any summer day adventure. Bonus points for adding some chocolate and a bottle of wine when gifting this to a mom!
10. Reese KanCan Mom Jeans - We couldn't make a Mother's Day gift guide without a pair of mom jeans! Our current fav! 
11. Mama Pendant Necklace - So sweet and classy, we love this subtle necklace, perfect for any mom!
Find more great options in our One Lucky Mama Collection here!
We stumbled across this brilliant DIY to do with your kids for a fun Mother's Day project! Let them gift to you, grandmas or anyone else fun who might need a fun, floral pick-me-up. (Simple enough for Dad and kids to do too!) DIY, recipes and photos, by the darling Hello, Wonderful blog
 - Filtered Water
 - Spray Bottles
 - Essential Oils (we used lavender)
 - Gift Tags (optional)
Step 1 - Decide what scent you're going for. This is a great time to explore various herbs, flowers and botanicals with your child. We decided on a lavender (dried), rosemary, lilac perfume as well as a rose and sage one. We used lavender essential oil for both perfumes as that's all we had but your could certainly use different essential oils for variety.
Step 2 - Have your child cut or tear the herbs and flowers and add them inside the bottles until about 3/4 full. 
Step 3 - Add several drops of essential oils to each bottle. We added about 6-7 drops each.
Step 4 - Add filtered water until full and shake to distribute the essential oil. You can use a funnel or a large pastry tip like we did to prevent spillage. 
Optional - Make a cute Mother's Day gift tag to attach!
We hope you have a great Mother's Day season (yes, we celebrate all season!) Happy shopping, Mamas!! 💕