Rise & Grind - Self-Care

It's easy to put ourselves last on our "to-do" list. In the world we live in, it can be hard to find a single moment to dedicate to ourselves. Even so, it's important to prioritize self-care and focus on the person you want to be.

Today, on Rise & Grind, we're sharing our 5 self-care book recommendations, our guide for the essential self-care wardrobe & a 30 day self-care challenge!

Need a little nudge? We've handpicked 5 self-care books that will inspire & motivate your best self. There is nothing like diving into a good book. Read below to see what speaks to your current self-care needs.
“You’re such an idiot!” Said that to yourself lately? If so, you’re not alone. The voice in our heads is loud and often pretty mean. Chatterteaches us how to turn our inner naysayer into a cheerleader or how to tune out the disparaging self-talk altogether. If you make one change this year, it should be to act as your own coach instead of critic.
It’s 2021 and if you’re still doing more than your fair share of the cooking, housework, Zoom homeschooling, laundry folding, etc., it’s time to stop and ask for more from your partner. Eve Rodsky will show you that the unpaid labor that comes with being the “shefault” parent can be damaging to your sanity and your relationship and she’ll offer tips on how you can share the burden.
Think it’s too late to get really good at chess or to learn to swim or attempt a solo backpacking trip across the Andes? Well, you’d be wrong. No matter what your age is, starting something new is good for you! Tom Vanderbilt’s tale of picking up five new skills as a middle-aged man will send you into uproarious laughter and prompt you to get back to being a lifelong learner.
Katie Wells, author of The Wellness Mama Cookbook and founder of WellnessMama.com, shares the secret of how she manages six kids, a company, and a career without sacrificing a healthy lifestyle. This step-by-step guide to clean, natural living is easy to follow for even those with the tightest of schedules. Katie’s simple detox plan will allow you to live better by reducing toxic exposure, transforming your diet, and regaining control over your health. This is a must-have for busy folks on the go who want to be healthy but don’t think they have the time.
We live in an increasingly connected world. Every day, we’re relentlessly encouraged to reveal information about ourselves by our peers, our family, and the big technology companies that profit from our transparency. In How to Disappear, Akiko Busch explores the idea of invisibility in nature, art, and science and how it inspires us to develop a deeper appreciation for personal privacy in a vast and invasive world.
You know we had to help you on what we know best! Read on to learn our wardrobe picks so you can take care of your mind, body & soul in comfort (& style!).
1. A boy short + bra cami is a self-care match made in heaven! Perfect for reading, relaxing, yoga, and more!
2. Self-care includes loving your feet too! Try our pick for cozy slippers here
3. This lounge set has the perfect over-sized fit with a very satisfying woven texture -  we love it for lounging, athleisure and to mix & match!
4. A true closet staple, this buttery smooth lounge set will have you swooning. 
5. If self-care has taught us anything, it's that we need to ditch the underwire a little more often! Find this comfortable bralette here
6. The Alberta Boyfriend Lounge Set is a cozy dream come true, perfect spring time lounge set.
7. The perfect versatile T-Shirt Dress - this one is our fav, an absolute must for self-care. (Find styling tips here!)
8. Cute & unique, just like you, these laser cut leggings are comfy & stylish. 
9. If you need to remind yourself of little self-love, we recommend this fitting graphic tee.
Sometimes it's hard to know how to integrate self-care into your daily routine. Try our 30 day challenge to create this essential habit! Print out or take a screenshot of this tracker and mark off a task a day as you develop this healthy habit!
Remember to take care of yourself first! You are strong. You are beautiful. You are capable. Be-You-tiful. 💕