Rise & Grind - Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you are relaxing and enjoying your day, centered around food and gratitude. We are taking some time today to reflect and find the things to be grateful for in a trying year. Don't worry it's not all serious. Read on for our Thanksgiving edition of Rise & Grind.
Let's put on our eating pants! We know you're you're probably all set for the day, but there are still plenty of big meals left before we get to 2021. Don't get in a bad position for the next holiday, go ahead and order yourself a great pair of cozy eating pants. We're talking stretchy, cozy, favorites. Here's our picks.
Numbers are linked to find the products! Happy eating pants shopping!



The idea for this section of Rise & Grind came as I was preparing my own pie crust for Thanksgiving dinner. I had the *brilliant* (thank you) idea of making extra crust to have on hand for Thanksgiving dinner leftovers. We frequently make pockets - pie crust with all sorts of fillings (think homemade Hot Pockets) and freeze them for easy dinners. I thought, "Why not make THANKSGIVING POCKETS?!". Why has this not been a thing?
We all know the famous Friends episode with the Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich that puts Ross in a frenzy, but I was surprised by the results from a simple Pinterest search. Holy turkey! The blogging world has really done the work for us on this one. What I found made me EXCITED to have leftovers. Here's our favorite thanksgiving leftover recipe ideas. You're welcome.
On this Thanksgiving, we are thankful for you and your love towards this little corner of the internet. Happy Thanksgiving! 🥰 🦃