Rise & Grind - The Night Before Christmas

Merry Christmas Eve! As we prepare for the crazy high of tonight and tomorrow, we are pausing to reflect on a few things. Today, we are sharing our favorite easy and fast Christmas Eve recipe, 3-ingredient Oreo Truffles (if you know, you know), our last minute holiday round up, and a calendar review (what are we saying "yes" to and what are we sparing ourselves from next year). Join us below!
This recipe is a tried and true favorite. Delicious, fast, easy and you probably already have everything to make them. Kids love them, parents love them, the neighbors love them. They make a fun, family activity and can be customized to your hearts content. Search this recipe on Pinterest and see all the creative twists! Top with sprinkles, crushed candy canes, or drizzled chocolate for a festive look. Switch up flavor profiles by switching the cookie flavor (we love the gingerbread or carrot cake Oreo variation)! Want them extra fancy? Stuff a surprise in the middle, like a berry, nut, or mini marshmallow!
Photo by: Hoosier Homemade
We're sure you've planned and prepared down to every single last detail, but just in case, we've rounded up a few last minute solutions. You know, just in case.
Last minute gift solution:
Last minute game ideas:
Last minute appetizers: 
Last minute wrapping tips & tricks:
Last minute free digital Christmas cards:
Last minute Christmas movie ideas:
Last minute Christmas Eve playlist:
Wondering how you can have a more peaceful, centered new year? Try this fast and effective tactic. Grab your planner or calendar and look through each month. Ask yourself the following questions for each month and make a list:
1. What things brought me joy from this month?
2. What things brought me stress or anxiety from this month?
3. What did I miss out on in 2020 that I want to prioritize in 2021?
4. What did I miss out on in 2020 that I feel relieved about and want to avoid in 2021?
Do you see a pattern? Set some goals for the new year on what boundaries you can set and what activities you need to multiply. 
Thanks for joining us in our little corner of the internet! We hope you have a Merry Christmas and find joy and hope in the New Year.  🎄