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This week, we're sharing a little bit of what has been bringing us some joy lately.

A fun podcast, a book/TV series duo, and a new Instagram account we're following that's a game-changer. Where are you finding joy this week?
Elsie + Emma are sisters and co-founders of the top DIY blog — A Beautiful Mess. They have written over seven thousand blog posts, so it seemed like a good time to start a podcast! The sisters have a lot to say on everything from home and DIY to family life and business.
These authentic, badass business women talk about such a wide range of topics, that each episode feels fresh and new. From cooking to careers, crafts to home remodels, these ladies talk about it all.
We've recently discovered the world of Clean Mama (both a website and instagram account) that is making us WANT to clean. With free printables, tips, tools and much more to get clean and organized and stay that way.
On the website, click on the Start Here page. Here you'll find free guides to daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to streamline your cleaning process. Get your weekends back by doing small tasks daily instead of slaving away for two whole days a week. Follow on Instagram for some great daily tips, a beautifully curated page and reminders of how easy cleaning can be. Pre-order the new planner to really level up your cleaning/organization.
Do yourself a favor and read the book AND watch the Hulu original series Little Fires Everywhere. 

Mystery, suspense, wildly contrasting worlds colliding, this story is filled with discussion starters and interesting themes. The book by Celeste Ng transports you head first into whodunit mystery, making it a real page turner. While it's TV counterpart staring the charming Reese Witherspoon and enigmatic Kerry Washington, is just as binge-worthy as the book. 
Little Fires Everywhere is the latest novel from bestselling author, Celeste Ng. Set in Shaker Heights, Ohio, Little Fires Everywhere tells the story of Elena Richardson, a woman who thrives on structure and rules, and her family. When Mia Warren, an artist who has been living a nomadic lifestyle as a single mother with her daughter, Pearl, arrives in town, it threatens everything that Mrs. Richardson has known. Slowly, Mia becomes the enemy of Mrs. Richardson. Meanwhile, in another part of town, close friends of the Richardsons have adopted a Chinese-American baby, which results in a custody battle. When a fire breaks out in the Richardson home, the town is buzzing with their ideas on who the suspect is.