Rise & Grind - WFH Edition

Most companies are having people work from home til at least summer 2021. Love it or hate it, we are settling into the idea of less commute time and a cozier work space. 
Read on for a few ways we are making the new normal a bit more palatable.

1. Autonomous ErgoStool- Ergonomic Office Stool $99

Say goodbye to being sedentary and hello to active sitting at work with ErgoStool. This office stool will help you stay active in the office, encourage better circulation, and strengthen your core - all while you sit.

This stool from Autonomous, makes it easy to go from sitting to standing, is small enough to not get in the way and is great for the active worker. Find it here

2. Purple Double Seat Cushion - Office Chair Upgrade $99

A great option for office chairs, the Double Seat Cushion features two layers of Grid to keep you supported – even when you're working overtime. The design allows for especially long-lasting comfort, making it a favorite for the office and work-from-home setups. Shop here


3. Fidus 32oz Leakproof Water Bottle with Motivational Time Marker $17 

With unique inspirational quote and time markers on it, this water bottle is great for measuring your daily intake of water, reminding you stay hydrated and drink enough water throughout the day (which can be hard even when you're not working from home!). The flip top lid is designed with a secure lock, making it dust and leak proof. Find it here

4. Hand Carved Opalite Merkaba Sacred Geometry Star $10

This hand-carved beauty came across our radar when one of our fav influencer's (Hi Tara!) toted the benefits of playing with this small stone while driving. Said to reduce anxiety and increase focus, we are using this trick to stay on track at work. Check out this Etsy seller to find many different rock (and color choices)! Find these here

5. Cheeky Office Supplies $10

We need notebooks anyway, right? Why not have a little fun!? There is a HUGE selection of witty notebooks, coffee mugs, even Christmas ornaments, poking fun at the work from home movement. We love this Etsy notebook from seller iGotCrafts. Shop for it here

6. The lRICE-Home TimeCube Timer $10

Just flip the cube to display the time you’d like to count down from and the timer will begin, allowing you to give yourself a guilt-free coffee break or social media catch-up between timed chunks of work. Set the number side up for the time of your choice: 1, 5, 10 and 15 minutes. Bonus: Great for exercise, homework, cooking , kids activities and games too. Find it here

7. Eleanor Longline Fleece Cardigan $60

We know the perfect WFH wardrobe has to be 1 part fashion + 2 parts cozy! You need to feel the motivation and push that getting ready gives you, but let's be real, one of the perks of WFH is the cozy factor. The Eleanor Longline Fleece Cardigan is the perfect marriage! It has so many fun details that we love! From the hood on the back, to the thumb holes and rubbed cuffs, to the pockets. It is so soft with its fleece fabric, we are obsessed. Find it here

8. Silhouette Glowbee White Moving Sand Art $60

The Silhouette Glowbee White Moving Sand Art frame is a beautifully lacquered white matte beech wood with a psychedelic glow in the dark sand blend. With prominent colors being ash, white, red, and green. Set this on your desk and allow the mind to relax and your worries wither away as the sands fall. The perfect de-stressor and a nice break for your eyes when the monitor is getting is getting to be too much. 

9. Softest Slipper Socks $28

The Softest Slipper Socks feature a cushioned non-slip sole, soft yet supportive ribbed opening, with amazing contrasting textures. These super soft and cozy sock + slipper combo are our pick for happy feet. Find them here

10. Rescue Pet $99

Our favorite co-workers and WFH "purchase" - the love and time you can give to an animal who needs it. Consider adopting an older pet who would love to sleep in your home office while you work. We love that all the pets of the world are getting a little more attention when their people are working from home! Remember to only adopt if you're ready for the commitment and certain that if you do have to return to the office, you wont leave your new WFH friend in dark. Reach out to your local shelter to see who needs a home. 


1. Set Up A Dedicated Work Space

Create a space just for work, away from relax, sleep & play areas. This will help you to focus on work when it's time for work and not confuse your brain. Your home office should be a place that motivates you to work and maintain focus. 

2. Create A Routine

Without the normal routine of getting ready, leaving the house, driving to work, getting coffee, etc, it's important to replace that with something that will guide you to your chair and ready to work. It might be getting dressed in work clothes, brewing coffee, or going for a run. A routine can be more powerful than a clock to get you going for your day.

3. Invest in Quality Equipment 

A great desk, comfortable chair and multiple monitors can make all the difference in your productivity (and your chiropractor bill!). Reach out to your company and see if they offer a stipend for WFH expenses. 

4. Schedule Yourself Breaks

Stick to your company's normal break schedule. If you're self-employed, schedule yourself regular breaks. This gives your brain a rest to work at it's best, as well as gives your eyes a break from screen time. Standard for the US is an hour lunch and two fifteen minute breaks. 

5. Look The Part

We started off REALLY excited to stay in our PJ's every day, but once the novelty wore off, we found it made us FEEL better and work harder to dress up in our work casual wear. No shame if you're feeling the loungewear and are working like a champ, but if you're feeling in a slump, go through your old routine of hair, make-up and a nice outfit and see if it helps!

6. Limit Distractions In Your Work Area

You want to set yourself up for success, so try removing distractions that might make working harder. TV, social media, and long personal phone calls should be saved for breaks or after work. This includes setting boundaries with others working or just living at home.

7. Don't Be Too Hard on Yourself

The most successful WFH employees are very self disciplined. It takes some serious focus and drive to work away from the actual workplace. Everyones attention drifts and it's easy to find yourself easily distracted. Learn from your strengths and weaknesses and find overall balance. 


 How about some fun! If you been in the WFH game for most of the year, we applaud you. Enjoy our WFH bingo (you've probably earned yourself a bingo by now!).

Treat yourself to a prize when you reach bingo! May we recommend, something here. 😍 Happy working!