Tips to Pull Off an Athleisure Look Without Looking Messy

athleisure look

Is there a more iconic trend in the last few years than athleisure wear? Athleisure truly came out of nowhere and encouraged all of us to embrace our athletic side, allowing us to maintain maximum comfort while looking stylish and ready for anything. 

From errands to a workout class, lunch or dinner dates, and everything in between, athleisure wear is an outfit choice that will have you looking and feeling great all day and night. 

While you do want to look laid-back and cozy in your athleisure, sloppy is not #outfitgoals. If you’re a frequent wearer of all things athleisure, follow along as we share some tips and tricks to keep your athleisure outfits looking sleek and chic, not like you just rolled out of bed or off the couch. Balance is key! 

Mix Fitted & Loose Items 

Calling all leggings lovers! Is there a more trusted article of clothing in your closet? We think not! If you find yourself always reaching for your favorite leggings, you know the drill. By definition, leggings are typically fitted and tight so it’s best to pair them with an oversized sweater or long jacket layered on top. 

This look accentuates your legs while maintaining comfort, and allows you to look more put together on top. 

Mixing the fit of your clothing in one outfit looks casual, but also intentional. It shows that you are paying careful attention to the items you select in an outfit and that you’re confident in your choices. 

Swap Out Your Gym Shoes

The goal of athleisure is to achieve an elevated gym look — you want to look like you just left the gym (or will be heading there later) and even if that’s true, ditching the stinky gym shoes is essential. 

Shoes are a great way to dress up an athleisure outfit because they can make their own statement. Choose a clean white sneaker or one with a fun pattern to make a splash and show you mean business (just very casual business). 

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Don’t Skimp on Accessories

Grab your favorite crossbody or leather tote, warm up with a patterned scarf, don a bright satin hair scarf, or add your favorite jewels to complete the look. 

Accessories send the message that you may be a fitness buff (or not) but right now, your aesthetic is much more refined. 

Opt for Flashier Leggings & Joggers

If you’re shopping specifically for leggings you want to wear out and about, try to select ones that have a bit more flair and texture. We see a lot of leggings with mesh inserts, moto-inspired with faux leather paneling, and black with a matte finish. 

Your plain black workout leggings are just fine, but adding a bit of pizzazz to your wardrobe is always in style. 

For all the jogger and sweatpant lovers out there, the options are endless! Lately, we’re seeing a lot of cute patterned joggers, including tie-dye in bright colors, acid and mineral wash, along with cozy textures like french terry and fleece. 

Pair your joggers with a cute pair of sneakers, slides, or sandals to dress up the look. 

We’re more than happy to embrace comfort and rock athleisure at school, running errands, for a lunch date, and anywhere else our days take us. 

These tips should help you feel confident and cozy in any athleisure outfit in your closet. Think about balancing comfort with style, and you can’t go wrong! 

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