Winter Layers Fashion Guide: How to Stay Warm While Looking Your Best

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Layering clothes can be a tricky game. However, the proper layers can help you achieve your desired look. Dress with layers to help you to stay warm and fashionable this winter.

There are many options for outfits with layers, but the key is to make sure you layer your clothes in a way that is appropriate for the event you're attending. Always keep in mind the weather forecast, and make sure all of your layers are made of materials that will keep you warm and dry. Here are some other tips to pull off stylish winter layering.


long sleeve shirt


Base Layer

To create an attractive look, start with a base layer. The first layers of an outfit are the ones you wear on top of your body, including your top, skirt, or dress. Choose something that is both warm and stylish and looks good on you. Typically this layer hugs your body and will only be slightly visible. Maybe the collar sticks out, or the bottom of this layer is visible under the mid and final layer. Cotton and wool are natural fibers that work well as base layers. A long sleeve shirt is perfect for those who live in cold climates. A tank top, T-shirt, or button-up shirt will work—as long as they are made from natural fibers like cotton or wool that can help keep you warm. 





Add a second layer for comfort and style. The second layer usually consists of leggings and a scarf for warmth and fashion. It is essential to ensure that the scarf matches the rest of the outfit in terms of color or pattern. These layers can include a jacket or cardigan if needed. The mid-layer is also where you can add vests, crop tops, blazers, or a button-down. Style-wise, consider mid-layers with a pattern, pop of color, or an interesting texture. 




Outer Layer

A perfect winter outfit must have a coat! The outermost layer provides warmth, your silhouette, and protection from rain, snow, dust, sunburns, etc. It should be thick enough for extra warmth but not too heavy—so that you can still move around comfortably. 

We all know that coats are the absolute most crucial part of winter dressing. It's essential to have a thick, warm coat for extra warmth, but it should also be fitted enough to keep you looking slim. Depending on your climate, a poncho, vest, or shawl may also be an appropriate option for the third layer. 

One thing to consider with the final layer is the length of the outfit. Outer layers are typically longer pieces, but cropped jackets are fun and can show off more of your outfit—if your other two layers are longer and work better with a shorter jacket. Cute and trendy women's jackets will help bring any look together while keeping you warm during the colder months. 





You can rock your look by adding some simple accessories. A fabulous handbag, a hat, some boots, and some jewelry might be just what you need to get everyone talking about you!

With this in mind, here are a few more essential tips for layering clothes:

  • Choose suitable fabrics for different weather conditions. Wool works well in cold weather, while cotton or linen are great in warmer climates.
  • Creating a great visual accent is as simple as using contrasting colors. Wear black on the bottom and white on top (or vice versa) to make yourself look taller.
  • If possible, store some of your clothes at work so you can quickly change from one layer to another if the temperature changes during the day. 

Layered outfits are a great way to stay put some style and practicality into your winter looks. They offer versatility and, most importantly, the ability to adjust your outfit for any occasion. Shop at Liam & Co. today for all your winter fashion needs.