Women's Office Workwear Ideas

Women's Office Workwear Ideas

We always get questions about how to incorporate cute pieces into your everyday work wardrobe. Sometimes it is hard to find a good balance between every day clothes and business casual.

There are always do's and don'ts when it comes to what to wear to work, so here is a collection of the best clothing options dedicated to making you fashionable at work!

Peplum Top

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A peplum top is always great to have. They are comfortable, practical, and add extra class to the wearer.

Peplum tops are also very flattering on most body types, and can accentuate your body in all of the right places: like your upper waist where you are the most thin.

In this example, we paired this peplum with some of our favorite chinos. This style of pant is exceptional because of the way they are shaped.

Chinos are skinnier towards the bottom and  give a leaner look. This outfit would be ideal in a setting where you are on-the-go and a want to be on the casual side.

Shop: Maria Baby Doll Peplum

Shop: Perfect Chino's 

Flowy Dress

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Next we have something a little more dressed up. When in a workspace where a dress or nicer attire is required we always like to pair it with the right accessories. In the above photo we paired our Sydney Midi Dress with some fringe earrings to add a little more flare. We also paired this dress with some sandals, this will help balance your outfit out in the workspace making sure you are dressing up to par, but still attain that comfortable and practical aspect. Don't you just love this look?

Shop: Sydney Midi Dress

Embroidered Tunic

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An easy way to make an outfit look more professional and work-worthy is to add a top with something special! In the above outfit as you can see we added a top with floral embroidery on it. This floral embroidered detail is dainty and beautiful! It adds a little something extra to the outfit and makes it stand out. We paired this top with some of our favorite skinnies and chunky sandals.

Shop: Paityn Embroidered Tunic

Linen Pants

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Another tip is to find bottoms that have this cute tied detailing. This is definitely business casual and we love it! Tucking a tunic in will create a more professional appearance while creating a flattering high waisted look. We love this combo so much because it is so easy to find pieces like these! The pants are linen which gives you the comfort you are looking for, and this top is a chiffon fabric which adds a dressed-up feel to the outfit. These two go together so well in our book!

Shop: Tish Cuffed Sleeve Tunic

Shop: PaperBag Linen Pants


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And last but not least, DENIM! We are so obsessed with denim this season. Something we love to do is pair a distressed denim or frayed denim with something a little more fancy to create that perfect balance of business casual. We paired this frayed denim tunic with again, our absolute favorite chino's to achieve this look. Adding the chino's and heels..as well as those accessories we were talking about dresses up the denim, and it's a WIN-WIN!

Shop: Frayed Denim Tunic

Shop: Perfect Chinos

All of these outfits are geared towards women in the workforce! We know how hard working you are, and sometimes it really is so difficult to find that good balance of work and style. We hope some of these tips helped spark your excitement towards finding outfits you can wear to work! Thanks for following along!