2022: The Year of Loungewear

a woman wearing loungewear with the banner showing "2022 the year of loungewear"

When Covid-19 blindsided the world, we learned pretty quickly how to stay home. Eventually, we learned to enjoy it. At first, maybe it was tough, but we got used to it by baking bread, learning new skills, and reading tons of books. When there was no reason to leave the house, we also got quite accustomed to more comfortable garments. Once it was time to re-enter the world, we didn’t want to give them up! Why squeeze into tight-fitting clothes just to match an old-world vibe? We didn’t want to – hence, a new vibe was born. Thankfully, that vibe brought us trendy women's loungewear!

Let’s face it. There is simply no need to be uncomfortable in an effort to look adorable. Not when there’s an alternative or even many alternatives. For years, women have conformed to different styles of dress. To recap, it’s almost as if during quarantine, the layers shed off, and more women were empowered to wear things that don’t just look good, but feel good, too. 

Wear Your Fav Loungewear Sets Wherever You Go

When you want to be as comfy as you are fashionable, you might choose to create a cohesive energy with a matching set. This used to be exclusively for fancier outfits and bikinis, but now, you can wear loungewear sets just about anywhere! Regardless of your style preferences or the color palettes you’re working with, there is a loungewear set that would allow you all the cuteness without any of the hassle. These garments are easily slipped on and can be worn anywhere, including to sleep, if you’d like.

Why Did Loungewear for Women Explode in Popularity?

While the pandemic definitely played a huge role, there are actually some other very interesting factors that orchestrated this shift towards the prioritization of comfort. Women everywhere have been longing for simple and affordable clothes that create more versatility in their wardrobes. Long gone are the days of stressing over loose strands and a lack of makeup. Women have been ditching the eyeliners and foundations to boost their skin health and confidence, so going au-naturel was already in the cards. Their sentiments merely applied to fashion, too. 

To put it simply, loungewear would have begun to prove a relevant route to everyday fashion regardless of whether or not Covid-19 stuck us into our homes. The trends have been rising since 2018, to be exact, and the reasons were simple then too. Casual clothes for casual lifestyles. The number of people who work from home was always going to go up based on the constant rise of technological advancement. That means more and more women would be interested in staying trendy yet cozy as they brew their coffee for the day, ready to hop into the home office. 

Body positivity is also a huge factor since it can be difficult for all sizes of women to find clothes that fit them properly. Many women reported that it felt as though the people who make the clothes simply weren’t making plus-size options. That’s a huge bummer. Larger sizes were either unavailable or not in stores, and not to mention, they usually didn’t have enough stretch to accommodate comfort. With the popularization of loungewear, there is much less of a gap between the styles that are available for a population of women who are potentially very different in shape. That means two thumbs up for inclusivity. 

Will Loungewear Ever Go Out Of Style?

It doesn’t seem that way. You can rest assured that the loungewear sets you buy will stay in style for quite some time, as the trends are based on a massive shift of lifestyle everywhere. Loungewear is destined to have a lasting effect on the way we style clothing for years and years to come, for good reason. It’s incredibly important to be comfortable as we tend to our busy lives. Trend analysts expect this to continue for the next few decades, so coziness is here to stay!

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