5 Office Outfit Ideas to Dress Like a Girl Boss

Dressing for work is a challenging task for many women. It is not just about what you do but how you look in the modern workplace. Your office outfit speaks volumes about your personality and style. If you want to dress like a girl boss, these office outfits for women will help you get started! 

Jeans and a Blazer

This outfit is perfect for when you need to be in the office but want to look like you aren't wearing your work clothes. This outfit will give you that extra boost of confidence you need as an entrepreneur/employee in the corporate world. You can start by wearing an item like the Misty Oversized Blazer along with your favorite jeans. Our favorite is the Rosalyn Flying Monkey Mini Flare. Pair these two with a Kylen Ribbed High-Neck Tank and some killer heels for a formal touch. 

Patterned Dress Pants and Solid Top

Patterned dress pants, like Calli Mid Rise Dress Pants, are easy to add femininity to your outfit. At the same time, they still look professional. They are also versatile enough for any occasion, from work to a night out with friends. Pair with solid color items like the Amora Knit Brami and Chevelle Suede Pumps.


Accessories are a girl boss' best friend. They can make the simplest outfits for the office look like a million bucks and make a statement. Having a cute accessory can spice up any outfit. Try accessorizing with a new pair of shoes, a fun hair clip or bow, or even a statement necklace. You’ll take your look from drab to fab. The Tandee Wide Brim Panama Hat can easily incorporate into your business attire for those more casual days. A Jillie Quilted Clutch adds sophistication to your outfit and has plenty of room, making it both practical and fashionable. 

Faux Leather Blazer and Skirt

This outfit will give you an edgy vibe that will make your coworkers take notice of your style sense. It can also look professional yet feminine. Pair a Marian Faux Leather Blazer with a white top and some pumps. But, if you feel more casual, you can wear it with your trusty sneakers. Our choice for bottoms is the Kiel Tie Waist Skirt—for a bit of classiness with your edginess. 

Solid Color Dress Pants and a Sweater

Try a solid-color dress pant, such as the Ali High Waisted Dress Pants. Paired with a sweater, this is one of the most popular work outfits around. It's professional and straightforward yet stylish enough for you to stand out from the crowd—without being too overbearing. This outfit is a great way to show your colleagues and clients that you are an intelligent woman. You’re capable of taking on any task! An Aubrin Striped Knit Sweater and Kylee Ankle Booties tie the whole girl boss look together ideally. 

You can shop The Business Edit for more office outfits. Any woman can rock the perfect girl boss look—casual or formal. Remember that a girl boss is someone who is in charge of themselves. They are not afraid to take risks, and they are not scared to put themselves out there. They are the type of person that knows what they want and goes after it with determination. It doesn't matter if they are in the office or on the street. A girl boss always looks good. 

Dressing like a girl boss does not mean you need to wear all-black or all-formal attire. Liam & Co has plenty of stylish outfits that will make you look like the boss you are.