Finding the Right Color Palette For You

an assortment of clothes displaying various colors resembling a color palette

It can be hard to figure out exactly what colors you should go with as you’re shopping for a new season. You don’t want to buy anything online that isn’t going to go well with your skin tone, your hair, or maybe even just your general style. As you shop, it’s good to create a palate and keep it in the forefront of your mind as you style your outfits. You can use a generator, or you can do it yourself after reading this article!

Why Are Color Palettes So Useful?

There are so many different uses for color palettes. You can use them when you design a room, when you’re painting a picture, or if you have an event to decorate for. The idea is to limit the number of options you have to choose from, which potentially makes the entire process a lot easier.

Limitations can often generate more creativity, not less! When you restrict your options to a certain set of hues, it takes a lot of the stress out of the matter. Then you’re only buying things that are within a predetermined set of colors. You already know they go well together, and you can mix n’ match to your heart’s content! Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to choose your color palettes.

Time to Style: What is My Color Palette?

To effectively figure this out, first answer a few easy questions:

1. Do you want to stick with colors you already usually wear a lot of, or spice it up?

If you work with colors you already have, you have a larger pool to pull from. That means fewer laundry days! If you want to kick it up a notch with some new flavors, you’ll want to choose them mindfully based on a few different factors–more on that later. 

2. Do you prefer muted tones or bright ones?

I know, I know, it’s hard to choose with this one. Muted tones offer a neutral energy that brings you an underplayed aura of sophistication and plenty of room to mix it up. Bright colors offer sunshiney vibes that keep you feeling vibrant and lively.

3. What colors look best with your complexion and hair?

There will almost always be at least one shade of color that suits you well. When you choose a shade that doesn’t compliment your skin tone, you run the risk of looking washed out. One way to figure this out is to window shop since you can look at a variety of different shades against your skin in person. Don’t forget to take pictures for comparison! 

Once you have the main colors for the season chosen, it’s time to figure out where you’ll add some flare and spice with your accents. You can use accessories to tie it all together with muted tones in more colorful outfits. When you’re rocking more neutral-toned energies, you can use a splash of brightness in colors outside of the palette to bring some diversity into the mix.

It’s always good to make sure you use enough colors for your palette, to make sure you don’t end up feeling bored and drab. When you’ve got a good mix, you’ll know it! You should feel excited to wear the shades you choose, so don’t give up until you’re sure it was worth your time. You’ll be glad you did! If you decide to use a generator to make your color palettes, don’t be afraid to switch them up based on your personal style. There’s plenty of wiggle room, especially in an age where eccentric and eclectic styles are some of the most loved. 

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